Pros and Cons of React Native for Native App Development

The cross-platform app development created by Facebook is becoming popular as the level of competition is boosting from the past few years. Without any doubt, React Native has been recognized as the most preferred cross-platform mobile app solution for the creation of both iOS and Android respectively. With this framework, you can work on two diverse Operating Systems using a single code. React Native also proves useful in building striking user interfaces, which cannot be distinguished from a native mobile application. The React Native is a well-liked popular choice, but it isn’t the finest choice as it has some disadvantages as well. To know more have a look:

Pros React Native for Native App Development

Let us first highlight the main pros of React Native framework:

One Team -2 Platforms

For React Native for Native App Development, you don’t need to hire 2 separate development teams to build applications for iOS and Android. React Native developers in UAE can handle both the platforms. As a result, you need a smaller team and fewer costs to manage the projects in your company. React Native framework is based on JavaScript, one of the most well-liked programming languages in the globe. So hire react native app developers in UAE for a project is not a tough job.

 Hot Reloading
Debugging of apps is a long and tedious task thanks to the hot reloading feature of React Native. With this framework, you can make changes instantaneously visible without the need for the developer to rebuild the application. The major benefit of using the RN is that they don’t lose any state of the application while making changes. It boosts output and, in effect, the entire development will take less time.

Updates Without App Store Approvals
The mobile applications often release the latest version every 2-3 weeks. But each time you drive update, you have to wait for the approval from the App Store and Play store market to approve it. Even though Apple has taken various steps to diminish review times, you’ll still have to wait for some days. But with React Native, your updates can go around the App Store completely.

Offers Optimal Performance
To improve the optimal performance of the development process certainly, React Native is the best framework. The React Native framework gets easily connected to the native components for both the Operating Systems and thus easily generates a code to the native APIs. The framework makes use of a varied thread from UI and the native APIs.

React Native is a Cost-Effective Solution
As we have already discussed in the earlier paragraph that how the code reusability in React Native helps to cut down the cost of the app development. The mobile app developers don’t need to write separate codes for both the platforms as both the operating systems can be coded with a single programming language. Now, this feature makes your project more cost-effective as you don’t have to make use of a big team and diverse developers for getting the work done. This is one more benefit of React Native as a small team size is sufficient to complete the task.

Pros and Cons of React Native for Native App Development

Cons React Native for Native App Development

Lack of Some Custom Modules
Despite its benefits, React Native still lacks some features or we can say that the framework is still in its developing phase. The probability is you won’t have a difficulty with that, as the bulk of custom modules you need are accessible, easy to use, and working correctly.

React Native is still developing

React Native is a fresh framework as compared to other Android and iOS programming language. It is still in its development phase and this can have a negative impact on other applications.

Lacks Security Robustness

React Native is a JavaScript library and open-source framework which creates a slit in the security robustness. But at times, you need some extra security while creating banking and financial apps where data is highly private. So, in that case, you can choose Flutter for your business project development.

While concluding the conversation on the pros and cons of the React Native mobile app development we would say it is a useful framework that is known for its time-saving techniques and cost-effectiveness. It allows mobile app developers to reuse the codes and modules and offers a bunch of advantages to large developer’s community. But at the same time, there are some drawbacks to the framework as well.
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