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ABHIJITH VIJAYAN 477 01-Aug-2019

Diamonds are universally acknowledged token of wealth, power and romance. The emphasis although is on 'Love'. Whatever be the occasion- engagement, wedding, anniversary or birthday, the sparkle of this gem holds a special place. Taglines such as “A diamond is forever” pulls at our heartstrings, and so does this beautiful rock. Diamonds are special, and it is nearly impossible to part with them, but there are times when it has to be done. It can be a crisis which might compel you to give away the gorgeous gemstone you own. If the conditions are such and it has become critical to give away your favourite diamond, here are four tips to help you bid adieu to the dazzling solitaire.

Be emotionally prepared : 

This has to be done first since we all know that if we do something wholeheartedly, then the results are also satisfying. It's excruciatingly painful to let go of a piece of your heart, but one has to move on. The thought process has to be practical. Buying an ornament is emotional, but it is also an asset which might help us during trying times. Besides, when the time is right, we can always buy a new one, preferably a bigger and better one! Preparing the mind is significant. Once that is done, other things will follow.

Approach an Appraiser : 

We are all aware of the pricing of a diamond. It depends on the 4C's which are cut, clarity, colour and carat. There are many types of cuts with different price ranges. Cut determines the amount of light a diamond reflects. It decides the sparkle in a diamond. Diamonds may have tiny blemishes which may decrease its worth. The clear ones have the most clarity; however, some coloured diamonds with natural defects may be more costly. Colour of a diamond is scaled from D-Z where D is colourless, and then a tiny tint of colour starts appearing up till Z which is yellow in colour. The final C is the “Carat” which is the total weight of the diamond. Although we have an insight regarding all the technicalities, it’s best to see an expert. An appraiser can scrutinise the 4C's and quote a reasonable selling price range for the gem. 

Set a realistic value: - Now that we have met the appraiser and valued the diamond, it's time to establish a reasonable price. It should be set a bit more than the amount we wish to receive. There should always be scope for bargaining. An 'I win, you win' transaction which profits both parties involved, is the best one.

Choose a Selling channel: 

In this era of the Internet, there are a lot of options to consider. Jewellery could either be sold to the jewellers or direct customers. The one thing that we can save a lot while selling to a jeweller is- Time. It is sometimes frustrating when dealing with direct customers, and the process takes too long. Though this kind of sale might make more profit. In this modern digital world of the internet and social media, buying and selling has become a breeze. Jewellers are contacted on the internet, and the deal happens then and there. Several websites are cropping up all over the internet, and people contact them to sell their products. It's important to select a proper selling channel and be prepared to give away the gemstone.

Another thing to remember is to include the document which gives instructions regarding the care and maintenance of the rock. Guidelines have to be followed religiously. Diamonds need utmost care since harsh usage may affect its worth. Diamonds are rare and beautiful. They should never be taken lightly. It's important to take care of the gem and to avoid any kind of chips or abrasions which might depreciate the value of the rock. 

Hopefully, these tips will put your worries to rest and help you sail through this arduous task like a pro.

Updated 02-Aug-2019

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