UI stands for User Interface design and UX means User Experience design. These two are an important part of software application creation. The word ‘design’ reminds most of us of colors, graphics, and creativity. This is true about design. But design is essentially about functionality. The ability of something, an app or a product, to seamlessly let the user interact with it and derive the intended satisfaction from it. That’s what the definition of the word design encompasses.

UI is about how the device looks and feels and the UX is about how it runs, whether it’s easy to operate or not. If any of the two isn’t good then the users generally rate that product as inferior because people expect more and more from their everyday machines.

Ask a smartphone user which is a better phone; Apple or Samsung? The majority of them answer Apple even though both of them are smartphones with comparable technology. So what distinguishes one from the other as a product? “Intuitiveness,” the people reply. Apple is easier to use and understand. Its UI is incorporated into the UX quite well. The more consistent the user interface is, the more intuitive it will be.

What are the UI/UX Trends in 2019?

UI and UX attract and retain customers. Companies and developers no longer ignore them for anything. UI/UX developers for the same reason have been high in demand in the sphere of mobile app development services. We go through the latest trends in the world of UI and UX design.
Trends in the UI design in 2019:

  • Fluidic graphics

Chromatic forms, liquid, and holographic images are exciting for consumers. Designers are creating borderless fluidic designs that are more airy and free. Freedom is appealing to users. Hence ditching the frames is a viable option. It also concerns not just the graphics but typography as well.

  • Large and Bold Typography

Typography is the appearance and style of printed matter. Brazen, cheeky, and bold is the new fad. In many places, typography is being used as the background image. Arrangement of text and the aesthetic font look is a designer’s main concern. Outline typography is getting famous too.

  • Dark Themes

Top companies have released a dark theme of their software. The dark themes are getting popular because they are soothing to the eyes that get tired after spending hours on digital screens and they look cool as well.

  • Clever Loaders

This is not the first time that unusual loaders are trending in the UI design world, creative loaders are going to playfully be in use even this year. Moving, colorful, malleable, and dynamic designs keep in trend. Loaders that entertain, confuse, and amaze will surely hook the users.

  • Illustrations

The word ‘illustrate’ means to shed light on. Illustrations are a visual representation of an idea, text, process or concept. Illustrations add style and creativity to the page. In 2019, illustrations that contain bold, vibrant, and funnily depicted people are in the trend. Illustrations are put as the hero image, infographics, mascots, theme images, stickers, visual markers in content, on marketing banners, etc. They bring originality and have an innate advantage as pictures catch the attention easily. A brand can use illustrations to build a more personalized relationship with its customers.

  • Custom-made 3D Graphic

3D graphics, both animated and static, continue to rock the UI circles in the mobile app development services industry. Developers and designers enjoy the trend alike. Simulations of natural materials and mind-blowing objects in compositions provoke the user’s curiosity and make them stopover.

  • Minimalism

Minimalism is in trend. A single-tone color palette with bold font makes it attractive. Last years’ color schemes are now discarded and designers wish to say more by showing less.

Trends in UX Design:

  • Voice Interface:

Google, Alexa, and Siri ring their sweet voice in our heads all day, they have become our daily helpers. The voice-based interface will continue to keep trending. Now, more than half of the searches are made over voice as you can goo hands-free or be a little at distance and the devices give you the freedom to interact with it.

  • Micro-interactions

Attention to detail is what differs an extraordinary website from an ordinary one. Micro-interactions are small moments that let the users and the design interact. These are single-purpose interactions and they are meant to provide that ‘human’ feel to the software. They’re used in improving navigation, giving the user tips, encourage sharing, liking, etc., and they are meant to make the user feel cared about.

  • Skeleton Screens

Skeleton screens trend this year in the UX designs. This is the screen that is used to display that the website is being loaded. The ones that make use of motion are being preferred because they give that feeling of fluency.

  • Gesture-driven Control

Buttons are nowhere to be seen on many new phones. With the entire front panel as the screen, gesture control is an absolute necessity. It is more intuitive too.

Videos used to be all over the website pages but only till last year. Users need websites to load faster so it’s a good idea to do away with heavier videos. Geometric shapes, lines, and patterns are outdated too. Players providing mobile app development services will be at a reasonable advantage when they give due care to the design trends.

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