How to Get Cloudways Free Trial For 14 Days Free?

if you are planning to start your website and is confused about which web hosting would be better for your website. this confusion is faced by everyone who first steps in the blogging field. worry no more because in this article we have mentioned one of the best web hosting providers in the market.

The best thing about this web hosting is that you can try its services for 14 days and that too without entering the credit card details. So let's gather some information about Cloudways hosting and then we will see how we can get Cloudways free trial for 14 days?

Cloudways hosting

It is one of the recommended web hosting from professional bloggers. It was there in the market for many years serving bloggers with reliable and powerful support. Cloudways servers are designed to be faster than others which will keep you ahead of your competition. The servers are globally situated which means your website will get higher global users. the traffic load on the servers are managed by Cloudways CDN system.

The Cloudways CDN system is free and easy to set up which boost the global response and helps you to manage huge traffic on your website without getting down or slow.

In Cloudways hosting plans, you get many free services and products like free SSL certificate, unlimited site migration, free Cloudways CDN, free WordPress plugins, automatic backups, free trials and many more. These services are worth a lot of money and you are getting it for free. this helps you to save money in your pocket and still, you can enjoy the best services.

Now let's talk about the features you get in Cloudways hosting plan. Below services are offered in the basic plan.

1. 25GB SSD storage

In the basic plan, you get 25GB SSD storage space which is very good because for new blog basic plans are sufficient enough to fulfill the needs and this much storage space and that to SSD is best to start with.

2. 1TB bandwidth

You get 1TB bandwidth in the basic plan which is enough for handling thousand of traffic on your website and in the start don't expect to get huge traffic so this much bandwidth is more than enough.

3. HTTPS domain

In Cloudways you get a free SSL certificate which is used to enable the HTTPS domain so that Google will rank your domain easily in the search results and also readers will feel secure surfing on your website. it is very beneficial to have because google rank sites which have HTTPS domain upper than the sites which do not. So it is best to start with some SEO boost.

4. daily backup and restore

What if there is an attack on your website and all the data get corrupted. What will do you know? the best thing to do is restore all the data from the backup. So Cloudways hosting provides free daily backup for all your data so that whenever you need to backup then you can do it.

5. site migration

Every blogger has to do site migration once their blog is start growing. This is because in the start they use the basic plans and when the blog starts growing then its needs also increase so it is necessary to migrate it to a higher server. For this, a charge is required but in Cloudways hosting it is offered completely free.

6. Cloudways CDN

Cloudways CDN as mentioned earlier that is a system to manage the traffic on servers and it is used to cut the traffic load on main servers so that it does not get crash. With CND the accessing speed increases as the data do not have to travel to longer distance. The data is accessed very fast because the user is closer to the server.

Cloudways free trial

Cloudways has a free testing program which offers the users to use Cloudways hosting services for their website completely free so that the user can be sure and get an idea of how the services are. This program is for 14 days after that you will have the option to buy the hosting plan or want to cancel it.

Cloudways also gives you the freedom of not providing any credit card details for activating the free trial so that users will not have to worry about any kind of debits from their credit cards. This enables you to use the service for 14 days without worrying about paying and fee.

How to get 14 days Cloudways free trial

Now, if you want to test the Cloudways hosting services to find out if it can handle your website or not then you can activate your free trial with simple steps.

For starting your free trial you will need to go to the official website of Cloudways hosting. there you will see the “free trial” button. Press it to move forward after that a signup page will be opened. Signup with your basic details. No card details are required when filling the signup form. After filling the form submit it and you will proceed to the next step.

In the next step choose the hosting plan which you want to try and then your free trial will be activated. Then you can enjoy the services for two weeks and find out if it is one of the best hosting or not.

A final thought on Cloudways free trial

Cloudways free trial gives the advantage to test the services and features before buying it. otherwise, if you will not be satisfied with the services later then there is no point of buying it. the support team of Cloudways is very knowledgable and they put their 100% effort in solving any kind of issues. So there is no worry if you stuck somewhere. Their helpline is active for 24/7 and you can get in touch with them via call, text, email, live chat. The live chat feature is on their website.

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