Netgear Genie Setup: Extend your Home Network

Netgear Genie Setup helps you manage your home network and keeps you connected with your WiFi all the time. Once you have joined your home network, you will successfully get logged in to your Netgear Router page automatically. For all this process, you have to install this app from play store. Install and open this app and manage all your wireless connections. Be stable at one place and log in to join the app and extend your home network (type your router’s default IP  ).
With the help of this app, you can change the wireless settings of your router (by default to your own requirement). If not, get in touch with your Internet Service Provider immediately or have a look at the manual steps once.

1. What features can you get after you have installed this app?
• Set up a limit of data usage for guest access.
• View all the devices that are currently connected to your home network.
• Protect your network and devices from hacking.
• Show the percentage of data you have used from starting till now.
• Avoid signal breakage or buffering that comes in the path of your video watching or downloading games.

2. Netgear Extender Setup: Better coverage everywhere new extender setup will automatically install a WiFi shield for you in order to get the best Internet coverage all over the house. So drop all your worries aside and enjoy the unlimited and unbeatable speed of data and a better coverage to the poor connectivity area of your house.

3. If you actually want to achieve such features, keep the following things in mind

Never over heat your devices and do not cross the limit between your range extender and the router.
Both the devices are supposed to be properly and physically connected with each other and to a computer with the help of an Ethernet cable.
Plug all your devices into an electrical outlet and wait for the power LEDs to turn solid green.
If it does not, don’t panic. Restart all your devices once and try for something new.

4. New Extender Setup: Keep all your devices connected with each other 24x7
We are the one who can go beyond your thinking and even control your imagination. If we are sharing our views with each other, we tend to know what is going into your mind. New Extender Setup can boost up the speed of your existing network when connected with the regular router and gives you the high quality of Internet to access everywhere in the house without any fear of hacking or signal breakage. It also provides a jumping and active Internet connection to the laziest area of your house.

What can you do in order to get such valuable features:
• Place your extender and router as closer as possible.
• Plug them both into an electrical wall socket, do not proceed further until you see any LED on your devices.
• Wait for a couple of minutes and if you are still unable to see the lights, push and release the power (On/Off) button on extender as well as on router.
• If you are not, what you can do is take help of a paper clip or pen. After that, press and hold the factory reset button at the back of your extender for 10 seconds and release it.
• Keep the antennas of router in a straight (vertical) position. You are not supposed to mess with it because if in anger you do so, you will be unable to receive the live signals coming from it and that leads to nothing but yes of course you will never configure your extender with other devices.

5. Mywifiext: Setup guide for installation
Once you detect LEDs on your devices, connect them to PC or laptop with the help of an Ethernet cable. Now open a web browser and in the address bar, type mywifiext Do not get hyped if you see an error message like “Page Not Displayed”. Before jumping into any decision, check the URL once and type it again. A successful login will take you to the home page that will configure all your devices with each other and also extend the range of existing network. Just keep following on all the positive clicks and at the last finish the setup.
If you are even 1% satisfied with our views, post your answers and valuable praise in the comment box given below. Your one feedback will be important for us.

  Modified On Sep-13-2019 04:26:12 AM

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