Natural Attractions for Animal Lovers in Cornwall

If you ever go on Cornwall holidays, the Cornwall holiday cottages are the best place you can stay in. These Cornwall holiday cottages are located very near popular tourist spots so you cut off travelling time and let you visit more attractions with the extra time. Here are some places near the Cornwall holiday cottages where animal lovers would really want to go to during their Cornwall holidays.

Cornish Birds of Prey Center

The Cornish Birds of Prey Centre is one great place to bring your whole family during your Cornwall holidays. The centre is located near your Cornwall holiday cottages so you can leave early and spend the whole day at the bird centre. Here you will find more than 50 birds including some of the most beautiful birds you could ever see. There are parrots, kookaburras, macaws, falcons, pheasants and ducks. You can go on a guided tour that lets you see these birds and get a lecture about the different kinds of bird and about falconry. There are a lot of facilities here at the Centre so you can spend your whole day here with the many things that you can do. After you have done the tour, you can spend time at the lake fishing. The lake has an area of more than three acres with “coarse fishing” facilities so this is a great place to relax and unwind while waiting for your catch. There is a shaded shelter where you can leave your dogs if you take him with you on your Cornwall holidays. If you want to grab a bite to eat, you can head over to the tea rooms at the bird centre where you can have a nice hot cup of tea or a cold cup, if the weather calls for it. There are hot snacks or meals at the café too so you will never go hungry at the Cornish Birds of Prey Centre. Before heading back to the Cornwall holiday cottages, make sure you have dropped by the gift shop to pick up some souvenirs of your Cornwall holidays.

Tamar Valley Donkey Park

The Tamar Valley Donkey Park is one place you might want to visit during your Cornwall holidays. It is located in the beautiful countryside of Cornwall. You and your kids can enjoy some time seeing the 30 donkeys together with the rabbits, pigs, sheep and goats at the park. You can also participate in feeding the rabbis and riding the donkeys too. Although there is a café in the park where you can take your meals, you can also bring a picnic basket that you have prepared in the Cornwall holiday cottages. You can visit the park daily from April to October,

Brocklands Adventure Park

This park was started in 1977 and has been extended to bring in new attractions as well as new animals. This is a great place to bring your family during your Cornwall holidays and see the many animals that they have here at the park. You can see rabbits, goats, lambs, piglets, calves, chickens, guinea pigs, pheasants and ducks together with the exotic animals that you can marvel at. There are also several rides and other attractions including the Wildlife Walk that you can do with your children. Amanda' the senior travel & leisure editor at custom essay writing service USA and Assignment Help Australia says, you will surely love this place since i made more than 7 times visit there. After a tiring tour, you can head on over to the bottom of the valley where you can just sit and relax at the benches and take in the beautiful view around you.

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