Check LIC Policy Status Online by Policy Number

It is necessary to know the LIC premium due date of your insurance so that you can able to pay the LIC premium on time. For this, LIC policy status checking is mandatory. Now, you can check the policy status easily just by sitting in your home. You don’t need to visit physically to their brunch. For checking the LIC policy status online, you just have to go to the official website of LIC i.e. and follow some steps to check the LIC policy status.

You should frequently track your policy status online as you can get to know about the other information also. The details of the accumulated bonus, claim status, next premium due date, loan status, and revival status can be known by tracking the policy status online. In previous days, you had to go to the LIC branch and request the LIC agent to give the details of your policy. But now the time has changed and you can get the full details of your policy by the policy number.

In this era, everyone is too busy and there is a huge chance to forget the premium due date. So, to avoid this problem, you have to check the LIC policy status by policy number online.

The Procedure of Checking LIC Policy Status

● Step1

If you are already an existing user, go the official website of LIC and click ‘Online Services’ button. But if you are a new user, firstly you have to register to the site, as the policy status checking option is only available for the registered user. After registering to the LIC site, you will get a unique username and password. Then you have to log in with that username and password and then click the ‘online services’ option.

● Step2

If you are a registered user, the page will be redirected to another page, which includes ‘online loan’, ‘customer portal’ and ‘pay premium online’. That time you need to click to the ‘customer portal’ button. But if you are a newly registered user, then you have to enroll your policy. Just go to the online enrollment form and fill the full form, which includes some details of policy and policyholder. This enrollment form should be signed and submitted to their branch. Then, they will verify your policy and give you an acknowledgement. After that, you can able to add your policy to the online site of LIC and check the status by giving policy number.

● Step3

For the registered user, the customer portal will redirect to the LIC’s service webpage. Here you will get a register button which will take you to the login page. There you have to give your username and password and policy number to show the policy status.

There are many other options for checking LIC policy status online. LIC is the most trustable insurance company. If you do not have time to go to the LIC branch, just open the LIC portal online and get all the information about the different type of insurance policy. Besides, you can also call LIC customer care to know about the insurance policy.  

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