According to the Vedic astrology our lives are governed by the planetary system. The positioning of the nine celestial bodies in the natal chart on an individual is responsible for the number of events and incidences that occur in their life. Trust, emotions, happy moments, sad incidents, achievements and failures all take place due to the positioning of these planets in the horoscope. The word Nava means 'Nine' and Graha means planets. The Navagraha Puja thus means worshipping all the nine planets together. The planets that are worshipped in the Navgrah Puja or the Navagraha homam are the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, Rahu and Ketu.

Reason for performing Navagraha Yagya:

In order to pacify the malefic of each of the planets and their ruling deities and to receive their blessings, the Navagraha Puja and the Navagraha yagya is performed. When the placement of the planets in the natal chart of a person is unfavourable, this puja is performed. The inappropriate placement of the grahas (planets) is known as ‘Dosha’, this doshas create innumerable hurdles, emotional imbalance, tension, stress, loss and poverty in an individual’s life. Also, the time span of the suffering due to the dosha in one’s natal chart is dependent on the planet that is improperly aligned which is the cause of the dosha and how strong and powerful that planet is. A lot of vidhis and rituals are performed while conducting the Navagraha shanti puja or the Navagraha yagya. This yagnas and puja help to reduce the impact of the doshas and also wards off the doshas along with offering a range of benefits. The Navgraha Puja helps to attract prosperity, peace, knowledge, good health, success and recognition. This puja is also performed in order to attain good health, knowledge, prosperity, harmony, success and recognition. Navagraha Shanti puja benefits in achieving peace and harmony in life. Chanting the Navagraha puja mantra can also help, relieving the impact of hurdles one faces in his/her life.

Benefits of Performing Navagraha Puja:

As mentioned earlier, there are lot of benefits in performing the Navgraha Puja:

Worshipping the Sun God (Surya Dev):

Offers vigour, confidence, strength, courage and helps to win over enemies. It offers prosperity, success, recognition, good health and relief from chronic diseases.

Worshipping the Moon God (Chandra Dev):

Offers mental peace, helps in anger management, bestows charming personality, offers balanced emotions, attracts wealth, fame and success in life.

Worshipping the Mars God (Mangal Dev):

Pacifies malefic of planet Mars, helps to attract the desired life partner, removes mangal dosha, and helps to gain good health, wealth, and prosperity in life. Worshipping the Mangal Dev safeguards the devotee from mishaps and accidents.

Worshipping the Mercury God (Buddha Dev):

Worshipping the Buddha Dev helps to enhance wisdom, offers career growth and success. This puja offers relief from diseases related to the nervous system.

Worshipping the Jupiter God (Guru Dev):

The Guru helps in purifying the negative emotions and offers strength and valour. Praying over the Guru appeases Him and he bestows longevity, good health, enhances philosophical skills, and promotes higher education. It also blesses the devotee with fortune and abundance.

Worshipping the Venus God (Shukracharya Dev):

Worshipping the Venus offers longevity, strengthens relationships, promotes compassion, love and togetherness, and overall domestic happiness.

Worshipping the Saturn (Shani):

Shani is a God of Justice, offering prayers to Shani Devta helps attracts wealth, mental peace, happiness. It makes one courageous to overcome all difficulties and make correct judgement.

Worshipping the Rahu (Dragon's Head):

Worshipping Rahu offers stability in one's professional and personal life. It offers relief from stress and mental hardships.

It safeguards and offers protection from unpleasant changes.

It pacifies the malefic effects of planet Rahu and helps to attain his blessings.

Worshipping the Ketu (Dragon's Tail):

Worshipping the Ketu by offering prayers or performing the puja offers protection against sudden losses, mishaps, accidents and diseases. It offers peace of mind and stability to the worshipper and gives relief from malefic effects of planet Ketu and helps to attain his blessings.

Thus, conducting a Navagraha Yagya, or a Navagraha Shanti puja is advisable to lead a happy, prosperous, healthy, successful and love filled life.

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