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Ronaldo de Lima - from famous football player to successful businessman

Laurel Smith 1199 29-Jul-2019

In 1994, Ronaldo went to Europe and became a superstar who can surprise the world with his amazing talent. 24 years later, he returned and surprised in a different way when becoming a successful businessman. 

Difficult childhood experiences

Referring to Rio De Janeiro, people think of the paradise of relaxation with the most lively dance and the most beautiful natural landscapes. However, the suburbs are not full of light and beautiful views. Bento Ribeiro is the place where Ronaldo was born and grew up. This place is completely separated from the prosperous city, brings a quiet and peaceful atmosphere.

According to Ronaldo is the fourth son of a poor family in this slum. Actually, poverty is often the main reason of family problems. His parents decided to divorce when he was only 11 years old. At that time, his mother had to work at night club for money to take care of her children.

The poverty and family circumstances negatively affected Ronaldo’s study. However, he has proven that school is not the only place that can teach you good things and study is not the only way leading to success. He found the light and opportunity to change his life from the soccer ball. This is probably the most important and meaningful decision in this superstar’s life.  

A football genius of the world

Starting soccer career since the age of 18, Ronaldo has developed to become the legend of the world football and achieved a lot of memorable titles. At the time of the 90s, most people loved Ronaldo, from that loved his yellow - green team. Football King Pele ranked this player on the list of 125 best alive players in March, 2004. In 1999, on World Soccer magazine, Ronaldo ranked ninth on the list of the 100 best players of the 20th century. In 2007, France Football magazine elected him in the 11 best players in football history. He was also given highest marks in 11-player formation of World Cup seasons by Castrol football.

Ronaldo de Lima - from famous football player to successful businessman

Because of Ronaldo’s talent, people have even called him “the alien”

During 19 years of playing pinnacle football, Ronaldo had played a total of 515 matches, played for 7 different clubs and scored 352 goals. He has won all possible glories at both club level and National Team. The most noble individuals titles for a player were also included in his prestigious collection.

In 1994, Ronaldo and Brazil National team won the 1994 World Cup championship in the United States. In 1996, he moved to play for Barcelona and right in the first reason, “fat” Ro left a mark with 34 goals/ 37 matches for Barca, a remarkable record at the Nou Camp. In 1997, Ronaldo started to play for Inter and helped the club gain the C3 Cup (now is renamed to the Europa League). By the 1999-2000 season, Ronaldo was injured in a match of Inter Milan and had to leave football ground for over 1 year. However, he came back in 2002 and had remarkable success. This central forward was bright with 8 goals (two goals in the final with Germany) in the 2002 World Cup, from that helped Brazil win the world championship.

Ronaldo de Lima - from famous football player to successful businessman

In Ronaldo’s football career, Ronaldo received a lot of records and noble titles

In 2002, Ronaldo and Beckham joined Real Madrid. This was also the transfer which made Inter fans hate Ronaldo for betraying the Club supporting him in difficult time. During the time playing for Real, he also set many records of goals and received love from many Bernabeu fans. After wandering in Milan, Ronaldo decided to return to his homeland to join Corinthians in 2009.

When playing for Brazil National Football Team, Ronaldo played 97 matched and had 62 goals. He held the record of 15 goals at the World Cup finals, which was only broken by Klose in 2014. He also owns 2 European Golden Balls in his personal prize collection.

On 14th February, 2011, Ronaldo official retired from his football career in the age of 34. To Brazilian people and millions of football fans in the world, Ronaldo is still great legend of the world football.

More than a footballer, he is a multinational businessman 

Ronaldo de Lima announced retirement in 2011, but it is also the beginning of another successful career - “fat” Ronaldo businessman. After retiring, Ronaldo had spent his time playing some charity matches, acting as a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) as well as appearing at official events of FIFA and Nike sponsor.

Nobody may predict that Ronaldo is ambitious to hold power in a La Liga club, until he spent 30 million euros to buy 51% shares of Real Valladolid club. In addition, he had a contract with Nike, held 45% of 9ine Sports & Entertainment, an image management company in Brazil for Neymar, Rafael Nadal and Anderson Silva.

Ronaldo de Lima - from famous football player to successful businessman

After retiring from football, Ronaldo has been successful in the business world

Ronaldo did pilot 9ine company to gain a lot of successes from the beginning. Partner Marcus Buaiz seriocomic said in Globo that in 2012, Ronaldo pocketed the amount of money which was equivalent to total income of “top football brand” David Beckham ($46 million) and Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen ($45 million) who had highest income in the world in 2012. Major events of Brazilian sports are always associated with 9ine such as the 2014 World Cup and Ronaldo de Lima. However in 2016, “fat” Ro had some problems with his partner Marcus Buaiz and decided to leave 9ine. The 1994 and 2002 World Cup champion believed that it was the suitable time to build his own empire. Therefore, Ronaldo decided to establish his own company Octagon, and of course it was another “goal” of this successful businessman.

Apart from Real Valladolid, he used to invest in the Fort Lauderdale Strikers in the United States in 2014, but this club was in difficult financial situation. Both the club and tournament had disbanded in 2017, but Ronaldo had been able to quit from one year ago. It can be believed that “fat” Ro will not return to invest in the US like David Beckham.

Ronaldo de Lima - from famous football player to successful businessman

He has earned a lot of money from investment

Real Valladolid gave Ronaldo a good investment opportunity. The club played many seasons in La Liga with a stable number of fans (there has been 20,000 supporters buying the whole season tickets in each season). In addition, they do not have large amount of debt (25 million euros) while Ronaldo bought 51% of shares with 30 million euros. Not many clubs in La Liga has large number of fans to maintain abundant source of revenue. Moreover, Valladolid does not own their stadium, the stadium is owned by the city. So, the price that Ronaldo spent is not too cheap, it reflects the club’s true value.

In 2012, the Brazil version Forbes magazine honored Ronaldo as “O Empresario Fenomeno” - Alien businessmen. During 18 years of playing football, he had earned about $200 - $250 million; however, after only 7 years of trading, Ronaldo’s property has been doubled.

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