You can take out Rolex watch insurance!

Nowadays you can take out insurance for almost all things. This is also the case with a watch. A watch can often be an expensive purchase, especially when we are talking about a Rolex watch. You can have this (partially) insured against, for example, theft, damage or loss. There are insurance policies that you are required to take out. Examples of this are third-party liability insurance if you have a car, and health insurance if you live / work in the India. Insurance for your watch is not included, you can decide for yourself whether you want it or not.

Am I not already insured? 

As mentioned before, you can insure yourself against a lot of things, and many people do this too. For example, many people will have household effects insurance. If you have included your jewelry (and therefore your watch) in your household effects, then you are in fact already insured. However, a home insurance policy is about the things in and around your house. A watch insurance (or jewelry insurance) is also available when you are away from home.

What damage am I covered for? 

The damage to which you are covered varies per insurer. First of all, the choice of insurers is not that great, so you also have an overview quickly. You can often choose yourself to which damage you want to be covered. With some insurance policies, that is 1000, 3000 or 5000 euros. Sometimes you can also contact the insurer to insure a slightly more expensive item (for example a Rolex watch).

What coverage should I think about? 

Examples of damage you can suffer with a watch, and what the coverage can be:

Theft: Pickpockets are becoming more flexible, so that you can just lose your jewelry on the bus. 

Damage: If you drop your (Rolex) watch, damage to the glass may occur.

Global coverage: With a household insurance you are only insured at home, but a watch insurance lets you go on an insured trip.

Family coverage: You are not only insured yourself, the rest of your family (partner & children) can also be covered by the insurance.

Water damage: Watches are increasingly waterproof, but water damage is no less fun. There is also often cover against that damage.

Always read the insurer's terms and conditions carefully, so that you know exactly what type of insurance you are taking out.

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