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Is Virtual Reality the future of video games?

Is Virtual Reality the future of video games?

Pie chan 1557 26-Jul-2019

Virtual Reality applications are evolving rapidly. From education to healthcare, but without a doubt, the most popular application of VR is entertainment. Virtual reality is the great novelty in the world of video games, offering a fully immersive and high definition experience that we had never experienced. The introduction of virtual reality glasses such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR has created a huge interest in the potential of virtual reality in the videogame sector.

The game, social behavior, and new technologies are interconnected. This synergy is capable of transforming the way we behave, experience situations and expand our horizon. Our minds are constantly expanded and challenged by new techniques, allowing game designers to develop new gaming experiences.

Adopting technology early, experimenting with it and combining it with existing social phenomena and schemes, opens up new opportunities in the entertainment industry. From a technical point of view, it is not a new technology, since RV and RV games have existed since the 1990s, but where before there was an ambiguous and uncertain future, we are now at a point where it is, Of course, RV games are a viable means and that they are here to stay.

VR makes possible what is not possible in reality

Virtual Reality not only shows things, but immerses you within the scene, and integrates you into the simulation. This not only has the ability to teach us things from perspectives that we would never have imagined but also puts us in the place of other people, in order to experience all their experiences.

Virtual reality technology creates the world you want. You can be anywhere in the world (or the universe) and be who you want to be. But there is no reason for the simulation person not to be yourself, in an improved version.

Virtual Reality allows users to be involved in what happens around them, even more. Maybe the flat screen at any given time can make you feel guilty or bad about what is going on in the game. But the RV can make you feel as if you were there, witness what is happening, and that you have a responsibility towards the events that surround you.

One of the biggest challenges for the RV is to grow with the viability in the market of independent developers and small developers, to market the platform in a sustainable way.

There is still a lot of work to do to make this available and adaptable for home entertainment, no matter how fast the RV advances, from a business or technological point of view.

The RV and horror games

Another important application of VR is the horror genre of the video game industry. Game developers are trying to contact famous horror filmmakers, to create new and improved horror video games, which will allow players to immerse themselves, not only in the history of the game but in the real environment of the scene.

The result will be creepy and exciting at the same time. With the new advances that are carried out continuously, it is only a matter of time before more film and game producers begin to collaborate, to provide unique and intense experiences.

Virtual Reality Glasses

Oculus VR, a California-based company, was the first to launch virtual reality glasses, the Oculus Rift. The design of the Rift is a matte black box, the size of a brick, which hangs from the face like giant ski goggles, is attached to the head with lots of ribbons, and connected with cables to a computer.

Actually, it looks like a futuristic device taken straight from science fiction movies, rather than an innovative gadget. But in addition to the Oculus Rift, we are lucky to be able to choose between other Virtual Reality glasses, such as HTC Vive, Google Cardboard, PlayStation VR, and many more devices that are released every year.

The latest developments are independent glasses, which are not connected to a smartphone or computer but have their own processor.

RV problems

A big problem of Virtual Reality is the simulator disease, caused by the use of virtual reality glasses. Some users experience dizziness, nausea, and headaches when trying to experience Virtual Reality.

There is still a significant percentage of the population vulnerable to simulator disease. Some people may take off their glasses after playing for an hour and be well, others may have nausea and headaches for quite some time afterward.

Another problem of Virtual Reality is the cost to the average consumer. The initial cost is quite high since it is necessary to acquire a powerful PC, a PS4 console or a next-generation smartphone, and RV glasses.

Sony's PSVR platform is the most prolific today, its comparatively lower price, and its ease of adoption have helped it be more accessible to users. And although Virtual Reality has arrived to stay, it still has to overcome many challenges to enter all the houses.

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