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The Future of Industrial Robots

Rezaul kareem 770 26-Jul-2019

As the world keeps advancing at a rapid pace, industrial robotics manufacturers such as the Rozum Company will start to play a more pivotal role in our society. You may ask why? Well, that is because companies are starting to rely increasingly on machines and industrial robots and artificial intelligence to do all the heavy lifting. And why shouldn’t they? Robots can do work at a fraction of the human cost and at a much more rapid rate. Robots don’t ever get tired and the amount of efficiency and productivity that they introduce in the workplace is simply unmatched with any human counterpart.

Rozum Robotics is the manufacturer of the widely acclaimed Cobot, which is an industrial robot that is utilized to automate the process of arc welding, dispensing and coating among others. Their robotic solutions will help you be competitive globally thanks to increased efficiency, improved quality and therefore significantly better ROI. Their lineup of products include things such as high precision servo motors, industrial robotic arms, as well as robot parts and accessories including frameless motors, grippers, CAN-USB adapters, robotic tool changers and so much more.

Most of the developed economies in the modern world are increasingly starting to investment in smart manufacturing techniques such as industrial robots and every year, the amount of investment continues to surge in an exponential rate. Smart manufacturing employs such technologies as robotics and automation increase productivity and reduce labor costs.

There is a focused plan in the advanced economies to make their manufacturing processes more efficient and their robotics industry to be more self-sufficient, and aims for big strive in its development. The share of industrial robots will continue to rise as even developing economies start to implement industrial robots into their manufacturing lines.

Countries such as the United States of America and China have a huge demand for advanced robotics. It is swapping low cost, labor intensive jobs with high-tech robots after decades-long economic ascent as the "workshop of the world". China is the world's largest market for industrial robots and accounts for more than 30% of global sales, according to the International Federation of Robotics.

Chinese factories rely heavily on foreign robot makers that include Japan's Fanuc and Yasukawa Electric, and Swiss’s ABB. These foreign companies currently control over 60% of the Chinese market for industrial robots.

Just take the example of Rozum Robotics, which is a U.S. based company that develops collaborative robots and servo motors. Rozum’s team of professional engineers, forward-thinking constructors, and hardworking innovators in the field of servo robotics know all about the benefits and efficiency that cobot integration brings to enterprises.

This company has developed a powerful solution – RDrive servomotors with a strain wave gearhead and controller both integrated into the housing, making them more compact and easy to integrate. They are an open-minded, friendly and creative company that is pushing the bounds of what is possible in the robotics industry. Rozum Robotics also designs and manufactures PULSE, the first collaborative robot that reports straight to your wrist. To find out more about this company, check out

Updated 26-Jul-2019
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