Guide To Enhance Professional Vocabulary Knowledge

Learning to speak English fluently is one thing, and having an enriched vocabulary in the same is another. When you are in the office, you might need to tackle various situations, and employ apt words to express and explain various ideas. You might have to undergo an uncomfortable struggle for words if your stock of words is insufficient. So while you continue your English Speaking Course in Gurgaon, it is a great idea to have some small tips up your sleeve to learn in the fun way.

Read Every day; And How: - 

Regular reading you expose you to identical vocabularies consistently. For a more personal approach, you might want to pick a story or a novel that suits your preference. See if you can personally relate to any of the characters. The more you get immersed in the story, the more interesting your learning becomes. While reading, pick the new words; yet there is no need to jump to the dictionary right away. Instead, you might want to highlight the words and expressions that you might feel crucial the story. Try to anticipate what they might mean. Check with the dictionary only when the reading hours are over. Reading for pleasure is never a drag. And a number of researches have shown that a regular reader can be much more expressive than a non-reader, if the former is given a chance.  

Word Board Games Anyone?

There has never been a dearth of word games that boost up language proficiency, and there will never be. You might have played some of them as a child. Why not try playing them once more? Try partnering with some friends of your level of proficiency. You can also play with someone having a good stock of words. You will enjoy playing with them if you want some challenges in the course of game play. Use the words that you learn from English Speaking Course in Gurgaon, in your word games. It can be a great way to learn by playing.

Employing New Words in Different Ways: - 

There is no hard and fast rule regarding this fact. Nevertheless, it would take about 10-20 continuous repetitions to make any new word to settle into your memory and mind. Embrace the word as a part of your vocabulary writing it down, or by including it to your emails. You can even use it in your conversation, or put it anywhere you find scope.

Using Media for Vocabulary Boost: - 

A number of institutions offering English Speaking Courses focus on this strategy. This involves learning in different modes like audio, writing, visuals and animation. You can consider creating your own Facebook group with fellow learners having similar interest, or create interesting photo essays, digital stories, podcasts, and the like. Similarly, YouTube can be a fantastic place to learn better pronunciation. Or if you use snap chat, you can practice pronunciation while chatting with your buddies, as well. Innovation is the key to everything offbeat. The fun and labor that you put in this way can give rise to some excellent ideas for office management, as well.

A Bonus Tip: -

There is no question of being preachy. Yet, all your efforts to brush up your professional vocabulary knowledge can go kaput if you do not put your heart to it. Instead of dragging yourself, your learning process would ideally start by appreciating the language. Discover its intrinsic beauty, as well as its expressiveness and the delicate differences that lie in between its identical phrases and words. Examine the root of the new words that you come across, and see how you can use them in your professional sphere.

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