5 Ways to Build a Great Working Team

Promoting teamwork is essential in the workplace and it produces greater efficiency, equitable distribution of efforts and responsibilities, motivation, cooperation, and increased creativity.

Although it turns out to be a very beneficial tool, its implementation is not entirely simple. In general, human beings work individually, and it is difficult for us to pool our efforts if we do not have an adequate organisation or if the objectives are not well defined.

If a team isn’t working cohesively, then the challenge is even greater for the person in charge of leading the team.

Below are 5 ways to build a great working team.

Know the team members

It is essential to know who you are going to be working with and assessing their preferences, strengths, weaknesses, and knowledge.

Assigning the correct person to a specific task can significantly enhance the performance of a team. This ensures the task is done well, but over time the motivation of the team will increase too as they see success in what they are doing.

Promote dialogue

Although having a leader to coordinate the team is essential when working as a team, it is important to allow other members to contribute their ideas that can help to meet the team's overall purpose.

Generally, for fear of debating, many people refuse to present their recommendations. In a work team, all members should be encouraged to debate within an environment of respect where they value and take into account the participation of all.

Provide the necessary resources

A team works better when it has the right environment, the technical and economic resources and enough time to complete its job. An environment that is not appropriate will affect the productivity of the team by not having the tools or space necessary to carry out the activity.

Valuation and Motivation

It is vital that each member of the team performs a task that is recognised and valued by the other members, and that is satisfactory to him/her. This generates a motivational factor that encourages all team members to give their best.

Establish rules

Defining a series of rules for the team is an aspect that needs to be done, although it may sound somewhat restrictive. These rules should focus on the form of work, schedules, methodologies, participation and communication of team members.

 This way there can be no mistaking the expectations of each team member.

If, after considering these recommendations, it is still not easy to put together a good working team, there is always the option of hiring management consulting services.

Management consultants are capable of identifying opportunities in the market, benchmarking and reducing costs. More than this they can help integrate work teams by increasing trust among members through group dynamics and management techniques that maximize the skills of each team member.

This is done by identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the members, establishing roles within the team and motivating them to reach the set goals.

So, if you establish an effective work team, either with or without management consultants, it is necessary to develop the skills of the team members in the work environment.

This is done by defining what role they play within it, remembering that the most important thing is the whole team fulfilling the goals as a single unit.

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