Sildenafil citrate can treat ED associated with low testosterone

Low testosterone can also be caused by a problem with the testicles themselves and aging is another cause  which can lead to erectile dysfunction (ED).

Fortunately,testosterone therapy can help restore levels of this hormone and sildenafil citrate can effectively treat ED. This medication works by increasing blood flow to the penis and it is also the primary ingredient in Viagra. This essentially helps a man with ED achieve and maintain an erection that is suitable for sexual activity. This medication works in response to sexual stimulation - so the user will not have a constant erection while the medication is working in the body. Buy sildenafil online

Why is this medication cheaper than Viagra?

The patent for Viagra expired back in June 2013 and this set the stage for other pharmaceutical companies to produce and sell generic versions of Viagra. These generic manufacturers did not need to invest large sums to invent Viagra so they can afford to produce and sell sildenafil citrate based treatment at a much lower cost. As mentioned, this is the active ingredient in Viagra so these medications are exactly the same apart from the price as generics are far cheaper.

How are sildenafil and Viagra the same?

• The active ingredient in both medications is the same.

• Their pharmacological effects such as intended use, dosage, side effects, safety and strength are identical.

• Strict regulations for the generic industry require that the generic version of Viagra works as fast and effectively as the brand-name medication.

• Both medications stay effective in the body for four to six hours.

• More than 80 percent of men are able to achieve an erection within 30 to 60 minutes when taking either sildenafil citrate meds or brand Viagra, so their efficacy is the same.

Advice for safe usage

• Do not take this medication with medicines known as nitrates - can lead to an unsafe decrease in blood pressure.

• Do not take this medication with any other local or oral treatments for ED.

• Alcohol should be avoided or kept to a limited amount as it can increase the likelihood of unpleasant effects.

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Peter Saint

Peter Saint

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