What Is The Survival Rate After Meningioma Treatment?

What Is The Survival Rate After Meningioma Treatment?


 Meningioma refers to the tumour that originates on the external membrane or the protecting layer of the brain and spinal cord. These tumours can form on either of the three layers of the meningine. Most of the times meningioma is not cancerous in nature and originates from the outer layer of the membrane.

The benign meningioma has slow growth but if it starts penetrating in the inner layers, it can prove to be risky and result in several complications. If a meningioma is cancerous then it spreads at a greater speed and there are higher side-effects of this disorder.

To cure both the types of benign and malignant tumours, you can plan to undergo Best Meningioma Treatment in India.

Survival rates after the meningioma treatment depend on several factors, go through the entire write-up to know about the facts of living after availing the treatment.

Survival Rates After the Meningioma Treatment:

 The survival rate after the treatment depends on the factors like:

● The area affected by meningioma

● Length of time you have been suffering from meningioma

● The speed at which the meningioma grows

● The treatment procedure followed by the surgeon

● The intensity of radiation therapy and the power of chemotherapy drugs

● The response of the patient to the treatment

● Experience and success rate of the surgeon performing the surgery

● Overall health condition of the patient and

● Also, the age of the patient.

As per the reports of a survey conducted on 100 patients of different age groups, it was concluded that the survival rates of patients less than 45 years are higher. If the age of the patient is above 45 years and less than 70 years, the survival rates are bit low but for patients above 70 years, one cannot determine the number of years, a patient can be alive.

If the patient under treatment is between the age of 22 to 45 years, the chances of survival for 10 years is above 85% and almost 78% of the patients between 45 to 50 years of age live for 10 years. However, the chances of survival for patients after meningioma treatment can be approximately 5 years; if the age during treatment is between 50 to 60 years.

But, make sure that you undergo the treatment from a surgeon who is specialised and experienced. Check for the reviews online or seek guidance from their past patients.

If you are a medical tourist to India, medical tourism companies are the best people to approach.

If you talk about the success rate of meningioma treatment in India, it is about 95%. And, the cost of meningioma treatment in India;  is highly affordable.

Final Words:

If you have been suffering from meningioma health disorders, do not allow your personal and professional life to suffer. Just avail the effective treatment in India, and enjoy your life freely like other medical tourists; who availed their treatment successfully in the country. India facilitates best-in-class treatment at top hospitals with top-notch facilities and it is a great savage to your pocket.

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