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Attraction marketing: captures the customer's attention

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The goal of attraction marketing is to sell a product or service to customers, to attract the user to us, something that is not always easy. Marketing is used to ignite the flame of curiosity and the interest of users by making these users later become customers. Oscar del Santo has a very good post on this topic in his blog.

There is nothing new under the sun, there are only renewed concepts that make them innovative once again, as is the case of attraction marketing, a technique used by new media, especially with the arrival of the internet, which has become the great tool par excellence for this type of marketing because of its characteristics and its possibilities.

As its name suggests, attraction marketing tries to attract the customer's attention to us, using different techniques that provide added value to the customer when offering something in exchange for their loyalty, such as content marketing , whose value is well known to position our brand as relevant, as an expert in our sector, which also helps us to get leads, and email marketing , thanks to which we attract to our website users who subscribe to it to receive our news using that quality content.

However, the attraction marketing must seek to identify the needs of the user so that, once detected, our brand is able to satisfy them, thus providing an impeccable customer experience and making that user not only a customer, but a loyal customer When solving your problem or satisfied your need.

In line with the above, we must bear in mind that the user usually wants to always look for the most relevant information about a product, a service or a topic, so we must be able to demonstrate why the user has to stay with us and not with the others, that in exchange for their fidelity we offer you an incredible quality content, as well as an excellent service of attention for him.

With the generation of that content, in any of its forms, what we want is for the user to go to our blog or our website, thus increasing traffic to it, as well as creating a credible brand image with our content and our actions. . Make the user get involved with our brand without our intervention.

The attraction of the client is crystallized in three stages, we can say, the location of the web or blog, the subscription of the user and the creation of the content and subsequent consumption by the user, being in the last part of the process when the decision is made of purchase by the user.

But, how do we make attraction marketing?
The first thing that attract marketing requires is that we provide good content, being valuable for the user. If we are able to provide the user with an added value that can not be found anywhere else and capable, on the other hand, of making them come back, we will have already taken the biggest step.

But the above does not help if we are not able to identify their needs and provide quick and effective solutions, which will demonstrate our capacity for resolution.

Our blog is our biggest ally in attraction marketing, since it is the best way to get segmented leads. We just have to make sure we provide value.

We must not forget that our blog represents us and our brand, so we must give the maximum of ourselves.

A blog helps us create our personal brand , and personal branding is a great element of attraction marketing.

Your brand, if strong, makes others interested in your business.

It is for this reason that it is necessary to reinforce the personal brand by having a good website or blog, being persistent in our efforts and, above all, being optimistic and realistic.

And you do you think?

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