Where Can I Receive Most Affordable Bone Marrow Transplant?

Where Can I Receive Most Affordable Bone Marrow Transplant?


If you are in search of the most affordable Bone-Marrow Transplant, consult the surgeons in India. They will analyse your overall health condition, and then provide you  Bone-Marrow Transplant Cost in India.  

The starting price for a bone-marrow transplant in India is 13,500, and it can go as high as USD 44,500 depending on several factors.

India is the country that provides the most economical treatment out of all the nations of the world. You can save almost three-fourths of expenses availing the transplantation in India.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Bone-Marrow Transplantation: 

It is possible to determine the cost of a bone-marrow transplant based on:

● Type of bone-marrow transplant; allogeneic or autologous

● Matching of bone-marrow

● Medical Condition of the patient

● Age of the patient

● Tests and diagnosis

● Number of chemotherapies

● Drugs and medicine

● A fee of doctor and medical team

● Choice of hospital

● Number of days spent in the hospital

● Selection of room for a stay in hospital

Every patient has a personalised quote for the treatment, and it is possible for medical tourists to receive a quote for their treatment online by discussing their reports with the best surgeons of India.

In case you cannot connect to the top surgeons of India directly, you can approach medical tourism companies.  

The medical tourism companies act as the perfect healthcare travel partner. They will understand your requirement and suggest the top surgeon of the best hospital.

With the help of such companies, you will get the appointment quickly, and you can get Bone-Marrow Transplant in India at the earliest.

In other countries, you may have to pay higher charges for the surgery and also, you have to wait for months or even a year for your turn to avail the surgical treatment.

Apart from Cost, What are Other Benefits of Undergoing Bone-Marrow Transplant in India: 

There is not one but many advantages of availing treatment in India. A few of them are:

● India has some of the best surgeons across the world

● Emergency units can treat patients who need immediate attention without delay

● Top hospitals in India have a specialised centre for Bone-Marrow Transplant equipped with the latest technique

● Success-rate of transplantation in India is higher than any other country.

● The medical team excel not only in providing the treatment but also serve the patients with effective follow-up care.

● The risks after the bone-marrow transplant in India are meagre.

● The surgeons have experience of several years and can solve all the cases, be it adult or paediatric.

Final Words: 

The cost and other advantages of availing treatment in India increase the number of medical tourists travelling to India every year.

Apart from all the benefits of medical tourism to India, you can even get your medical visa easily. The average span of a medical permit is six months. In case a particular treatment requires extra time for treatment or follow-up, it is possible to extend the duration of the visa.

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