Troubleshoot the process of HP Printer setup

Printer is an essential device and it should be kept in a good way or else it can trouble up the process. To perform printing it is important to have a hassle free printing. To do that let us follow the steps to HP Printer set up.

The following methods are as follows:

Complete the wireless HP Printer setup-

• First switch on the wireless printer. Then you can use the touch screen of the wireless printer to connect your wireless network

• Now on the touch screen press the right arrow key and press setup

• Then select the network from the setup menu

• Now select wireless setup wizard from network menu it will search for the wireless routers in the range

• Now select the network (SSID) that you are using from the list

• Now enter the WEP/WPA Passphrase for the network and press done

• Then press OK to confirm the settings

• Then press OK to print the wireless report or skip

Complete the wired HP Printer setup-

Before you start the setup make sure that you have an active router with Ethernet cable

• You need to first connect the computer to the router if not connected. You can use an Ethernet cable

• Then set the printer near the computer

• Then you can switch ON the printer

• Once the computer is switched ON and unlocked, connect the printer to the computer using a USB cable

• Then you need to install the printer software for which go to the HP Official website then enter the HP Printer model you have, then if required you can also confirm the OS you are using

• If the process prompts to add the printer in the queue then click the name of your printer, click Use or Print Using menu, select the name of your printer in the pop-up menu and then click on Add. Please follow the below process toad the printer-

1. Click on Connect a new printer

2. Select a new connection type when prompted, and then follow the instructions that are on the screen

3. Then switch off the printer, and then you can restart the computer

4. Switch on the printer again, and then you can open the HP Printer Assistant

• Once the process is completed you can restart the printer once and check if you are able to use the printer now

At last, if you notice that the HP Printer is not getting connected to the computer then try restarting the printer, router, and the computer.

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