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How to make a powerpoint presentation attractive?

traci cappiell1184 14-Jul-2019

In each and every sector of 2019, presenting the content and marketing of the products became very crucial. As often it has been said that presentation and marketing is money. For example, you have been to a restaurant, ordered a pan pizza. What happens if you see that the pizza does not look good? Your desire to pay or have that food becomes less. The same scenario is also affecting today's world and if the presentation of a good or product is not good, it can adversely affect the sales and revenue. On the other hand, if it can win the heart of the attendees or if it is aesthetically beautiful, it cre3ates a positivity and forces the subconscious mind of the consumer to have that product. So, the ultimate words are, having a nice powerpoint presentation is a must if you want to succeed in your goals. But how can you make a presentation more attractive? We are going to figure that out. 

  • Use powerpoint templates

Microsoft Powerpoint is a strong tool and user-friendly. Still, it is not easy for the beginners, especially the advanced features of powerpoint are still vague. As learning advanced tricks needs time and patience, I would suggest you use powerpoint templates. There are thousands of powerpoint templates that are available over the internet. So, you need to be choosy, in deciding which one to use.

There are several websites that offer ppt slides download option. You can check those powerpoints and download them. Check which one is interesting and uses different ideas of presentation. Implementing those ideas can improve the quality of your powerpoint presentation. There are some websites who offer several ppt download free in terms of templates or previously used slides. Have look at those too, if you really want to present your products or services differently.

  • Use animation/Cartoon/Gif 

You can use text, special premade shapes, smart art, charts, special symbols, images(jpeg/png),videos and animated gif. Sticking to only one type may create boredness among your audience and may result in a ‘BAD’ presentation. Rather, try to use a cartoon ,image, animated gif and videos related to your topic. 

To make your presentation more attractive you can also you’re the animation option of powerpoint. The process of creating an animation that conveys specific message consumes a lot of time and hence I will suggest you use themes/templates rather than creating a new one.

Videos can capture the mind of the audience. If possible try to use a video that has close reklationship with the context and conveys some message. This will give something to think and as they are thinking of it actually they are sticking themselves to the idea.

Preparing an eye-catching powerpoint that soothes the mind is not an easy task. It takes time to create a compelling presentation and therefore you should give enough time to make it fruitful for the audience.

Updated 08-Aug-2019

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