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Why to Choose Asp.Net Web Application Development over PHP?

Why to Choose Asp.Net Web Application Development over PHP?

Maulik Shah1714 05-Oct-2018

Sometimes, the choices that we have in hands seem good. But sometimes, they lead to confusion. There are pros and cons to both. Some feel that it is good to have options from which you can choose the most suitable. And some feel that too many options can also drag you into chaos. Especially in the world of technology, you will have umpteen options. Just search for one and your will find tens. If you take the case to build your web application, you will find numerous choices. 

Here, if you take the help of a developer, you will get more confused. Every developer from different technology will suggest you a different thing. So, today I am going to help you to cope with this dilemma and choose the most suitable web application for you. 

Which is The Best Web Application Technology

When it comes to build a web application for your, two most popular technologies that top the list are PHP and Microsoft powered Asp Dot Net. PHP claims to build flexibly powerful website and holds a big share of internet. 

On other hand, APS.Net development also helps businesses to build dynamic websites since years. It is a secure and sturdy web application framework. This blog will help you to deal with this dilemma and make the right choice between the two for valid reasons.


PHP is one of the most used-across programming languages. Some of the prominent websites like Facebook and WordPress are getting the best out of PHP. On the flip side, Asp.Net is not a programming language but a framework. It works mainly on VB.Net, C# & F# languages. Both the technologies have huge differences from each other but both are helpful in building world class web applications. But if you have to choose the most suitable for an agile, secure and scalable web application, Asp .Net Development Company will help you more than PHP.

What Gives ASP.NET an Edge Over Others?

Microsoft built ASP.Net with a mechanism that it works as a high-speed and a low-cost solution. It has a good language support. ASP.Net steps over from the role of just a framework and also works as a scripting tool. Your developers can also use its programming language as a code. This helps you to build web applications along with the web pages. Besides that, you also get high-end tools and sturdy design modules that help you to add dynamic features with impressive UI. 

How ASP.NET is Better Than PHP?

Mature Framework to Craft Dynamic Web Apps

After developing countless websites, ASP.NET has become one of the most mature frameworks available in the market. The library of ASP.NET is task-based and helps you to develop the website quickly in an organized way. This way, you can minimize the code load and enable your web application to work smoothly with efficiency.

It compiles programming types of ASP.NET perform supportive to create dynamic web apps. Moreover, Microsoft Visual Studio makes APS.NET is damn easy to use. Whereas, it is a bit difficult to use PHP and it also lacks types. PHP also has a poor type checking, which results as a problem for your web app.

Safety and Security

Security is utmost concern. PHP and ASP.NET both are open source technologies. But ASP.NET has in-built Windows firewall authentication along with the pre-application configuration. It also has the support of WYSIWYG editing, drag-n-drop server control, and auto deployment. All these features make your data stable and keeps it protected. PHP is also a secure language for web applications but if you compare it with ASP.NET, it lacks behind.  

Along with these, there are many other notes as well where ASP.NET outmatch PHP. So, if you are looking for a perfect match with your web application needs, APS.NET is the solution for you.

Updated 20-Nov-2020

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