Shopify vs Wordpress E-commerce Reviews - Which One is Best?

Shopify vs Wordpress E-commerce Reviews - Which One is Best?

Almost anyone can make a website overnight. But, converting it to suit commercial purposes will take some doing. Wordpress is a popular with 59.4% followed by Joomla at 6%. It helps us to make a store to begin to sell online.

Learn About Shopify and Wordpress

Shopify has a design that gives users an e-commerce experience without knowing any design or Wordpress development. You become a merchant overnight by getting and using Shopify. We get a specific number of templates that allow us to customize to sell physical and digital goods. This store will run even if its owner does not have any technical skills. However, it does not mean that one cannot use one’s knowledge if one knows to code.

People with design know-how can tweak their sites by writing HTML and CSS code of their own. The next big thing about Shopify is that it is a hosted solution. All stores run on its servers. One will not have to install software or buy web hosting. We can do all the things we want for our store, out of the box. However, you may also add apps to increase its features. It is a Software as a Service (SaaS) software meaning, we don’t own software, but we pay for use of service on a monthly basis. Since it runs on the cloud, we can run our store from anywhere using any device to access the clouds.

Wordpress has two kinds - Hosted or Self-hosted. The Hosted one is like Shopify in that both resemble SaaS-style functioning. You get a specific number of features for your website by paying a monthly fee. However, it is not a complete solution so users must add many other features to get it to work. To add e-commerce features, you must add an app like Ecwid. You can get help from a Wordpress development company to do this.

We get a self-hosted Wordpress by downloading the software from the website. Install this on your web server and add more third-party tools to make it work well. It works well because we can tweak our site as much as we want to. By using the right plugins, a developer can make a wonderful website. Being an open source, this software is free. However, we face plugin and development costs, domain registration costs, and hosting costs.

There are two types of users - one that does not know how to code (they have a visual editor interface) and those who do and build wonderful sites.

New post every month here is 41.7 million. New comment is 60.5 million.

E-commerce Features

Wordpress does have any built-in e-commerce features. So, there is an obvious advantage when you compare it to Shopify, which is a store builder. Even though you can sell products here, it doesn’t have all the flexibility one would like. And at times, you have to adopt third-party plug-ins to get desired options.

We must choose any of the third-party options such as Ecwid, Woocommerce, or WP E-commerce. One must check its ease of use along with its pricing for each of these before we use them. An average developer earns $49,185 according to If we want a wonderful website, take the help of Wordpress development services provider.

Content management

This is a choice for those who want to write and store pages on the site. One cannot do this on Shopify. Furthermore, one can use categories with tags on Wordpress much better.

Doing the SEO

SEO determines performance. Wordpress has more visitors than Twitter. It has 131 million visitors while Twitter has only 114 million. It allows Yoast, which is a fantastic SEO tool.

Ease of Use - Editing on the Move With a Mobile Phone

Both have good navigation. Shopify has a cleaner look. The process of making content, editing, and publishing is the same for both. Wordpress allows a use of visual editor plugins. Shopify has an intuitive interface.


This is more flexible with so many kinds of Wordpress development possible. The number of templates, themes, and plugins is enormous because it has been around for much longer than Shopify.


Shopify has five different pricing plans priced monthly.

Lite - $9

Basic - $29

Shopify - $79

Advanced - $299

Plus - $2000

Though the other one is free, you have to pay for hosting, plugins, e-commerce integration, and themes.

Templates Quality

Shopify offers high-quality templates, 10 free along with 55 paid ones. They are all professionally designed. If you take the service of a development company, then they will help you with this by comparing templates for choosing one with the best features. So, you may not get a safe template so you have to choose only reputed designers.

Performance on Mobile

Shopify templates adjust for a mobile site. If you use Wordpress development services, they will help to optimize your site for mobile. You can use Accelerated Mobile Pages for both to speed up loading.

Wordpress-related search results in number 583,000,000. Check Wordpress development services online to get one, which provides good features at a low cost. There are a few alternatives also. For instance, Drupal or Joomla platforms host millions of sites worldwide. Then, we have hosted solutions such as Jimdo and Wix where you can be up and running with a free version in a matter of minutes. Using a paid, well-designed platform takes the strain out of maintaining a website.

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