Content-Length: does it play a decisive role in SEO?

Blogging is the best way for a large and small business to drive traffic to their landing page. Blogging also provides content for social media marketing and improves your Google ranking to bring more organic traffic to a website. The length of your blog post plays a prominent role in ranking. Keep reading to know what the best content length is and why it is the best strategy for your blog post? 

Many popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others are trying to rank higher quality content top at their ranking. They believe the longer the post, the more detailed it is and therefore, they assume that long contents are well detailed to answer all the user’s questions. Taking this assumption into consideration if you want more organic traffic to your website to make your posts long and more detailed. 

In the past couple of years, 2000 words were the best length for a post but recently having more than this will earn your post better results. Search engines are using an algorithm to rank pages and websites in their results. This algorithm uses the post length to decide where to rank a given page in their results.

Having a 2000 plus words blog post does not always perform well, there are other aspects to be considered. Keywords play a major role also in determining the ranking. Having many words in a post isn’t always better as some searches aren’t looking for longer contents and their results are depended on keywords in the post and the words used to search. You can have a post with hundreds of words performing better than that with 2000 plus words depending on how detailed the post is.

When writing your post, you should have two goals in mind: exceeding your competitors' quantity of content and answering the user’s question. The length of the post alone will not give you a higher ranking, your post needs to be more detailed and provide more value to the readers. Google and other search engines are working to improve their algorithms and therefore for now having 2000 words in your post may work but as the time goes the quality of your post will be the one to determine to rank.

If you can’t make to write a 2000 words post, don’t worry as RankBrain is there for you. This tool helps prioritize on short posts for keywords. In fact readers especially smartphone users often shore away from long contents some users also don’t have all that time to read 2000 words, they are always looking for short and thoughtful posts. To be on the safer side after Rank Brain is fully implemented make sure your blogs are of high quality in all aspects.

The more value your content has to your audience the better it is in search engines. If your audience or readers love your content they are going to backlink to it more than once, many people also tend to share content they find to have value with their friends, family, and coworkers. Long contents always get more backlink because readers find them more useful to them. Search engines will realize that your content is of high quality and that readers want to see your contents in their searches.


Emily Watts is the director of the Data Clarity Consulting Ltd. He is an award-winning statistical scientist and a former writer at Eduzaurus and Emily is talented in broad and deep statistical, data science and consulting skills. Her skills have enabled her to publish several innovative approaches to the analysis of clinical trial safety data. 

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