A business not doing good on search engines is akin to not existing at all. Without online marketing, your products and services can go only as far. This is where SEO or Search Engine Optimization helps – it ensures identity and prospects to your business on the web.

Search engine results today matter more than anything else for businesses small and big alike. Unless you’re visible to the world, you just can’t grow beyond a certain point. For that reason, more brands look to leverage SEO and realize their true potential.

However, not everyone is doing SEO the right way. Some are so hellbent on traffic and visitors that they don’t mind taking the unethical road. While for others, their optimization efforts may not be bearing the right fruits.

It all boils down to the way you do optimized your business and its elements for search engines. And believe us, even many top brands and experts are making mistakes when it comes to SEO. If you want your business to excel on search engine, you then have to optimize its elements in a right manner.

Unless you have a sound SEO strategy and a good knowledge of how the search engines work, you can’t benefit much. And yes, you just can’t mess with optimization else it could get your website banned.

Let’s look at 5 SEO mistakes people are still doing in 2018 -  

Mistake 1 – Not taking mobile users in focusFive SEO Mistakes that Digital Marketers are Still Doing in 2018

It’s a big SEO mistake to not consider mobile users at a time when smartphone usages and penetration has scaled such a new high. You should also know that searches from mobile have already overtaken those from the desktop, and there’s absolutely no reason to ignore mobile users for your optimization. Doing page speed optimization is not enough when you eye an ever-growing number of mobile users to boost your sales and realize your business’ true capability.

It’s also important to have a separate website to cater for mobile users, deliver them with attractive web pages with engrossing content and target them specifically. Mobile users are easily the driving force today for your sales and peppering them with ads and irrelevant content won’t sever your cause a bit. So, re-evaluate your SEO strategy and include mobile users in the mix and then come up with a plan that propels your business and sales forward.

Mistake 2 – Ignoring social media

Five SEO Mistakes that Digital Marketers are Still Doing in 2018

Would you believe that some businesses are still not convinced about the power and reach of social media? They continue to ignore social networks and rather busy leveraging more technical aspects to gain desirable online marketing results. Well, they are mistaken big time because social channels are capable of opening the world to any business across industries. Their userbase is now into millions, and some even have crossed the coveted billion mark, like Facebook.

Your business just can’t ignore social sites like Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn etc. if it aims to go global and reach more prospects in a cost-effective manner. Your SEO strategy must be social channel-driven as each of networks cater different demographics and geography. You can share all business-related things across these channels and take them to the world in the quickest way possible content.

Mistake 3 – Not gaining expertise with the keywords

All your SEO efforts would go to waste if you did not gain expertise with the keywords. Their knowledge alone is not going to serve you any because the stakes are getting higher and this could make or break your business’ online performance. It’s important to gain a deep understanding of the keywords good for sales and effective for merely branding purposes. This can also be achieved with consistent keyword research.

To avoid this common SEO mistake, it’s better to dig deep into keyword analysis and then sort out phrases, words, and keywords according to priorities of your business. There are tools as well to help you out in this regard and it’s good to leverage them and be on the right side of keywords. Without gaining expertise with keywords, you can never set the tone for your business’ stupendous show on search engines for sure.

Mistake 4 – Giving priority to quantity over quality for links

One of the major SEO mistakes some people are still doing in 2018 is like giving priority to quantity over quality for links. They should stop erring on this front as the days are long gone when link building was largely associated with the quantity. The landscape of link building has changed completely today with search engines going harsh on low-quality and spammy links. Worse still, a severe penalty is there for links merely there to game rankings and fool search engines.

Google won’t hesitate in banning your site or downing its rankings drastically if it finds any link building activity going beyond its set ethical norms and standards. So, it’s advisable to focus only more generating natural quality links. You should rely only on getting links in lieu of quality content. You can also get natural backlinks through guest blogging, infographics, informative videos etc. Such links will help massively and keep your ranking on the northward side, always.

Mistake 5 – Not having a user and spider-friendly website structure

SEO results will be only as good as the structure of your website. You just can’t expect a poorly-structured site to open the floodgates of traffic and visitors for you. It never works like that. Some people, however, don’t take this seriously and focus only the technical aspect of optimization at the cost of design and structure of the site in question. To get better SEO results in 2018, your website structure has to be smooth and uncomplicated.

Which means, the site should be designed and developed in the way to let search engine spiders move from one place to another in an effortless manner. You can achieve this goal by having a clean URL structure in the site, by using breadcrumbs, through internal linking in the content and with HTML and XML sitemaps. This can also be achieved through data mark-ups on the site. If nothing works, you can hire a top digital marketing company and avoid common SEO mistakes.

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