When gaming, you probably might want to use a chair that offers you quality service. In budgeting for your gaming PC set up, you need to allocate a reasonable budget for your gaming chair. Here are the top gaming chairs for you in 2018: 

Epic real leather

It is an actual leather racing seat that reclines up to 135 degrees. It weighs 62 lbs and can hold up to 265 lbs of weight. Regarding color, it is available in brown beige, white, brown black and black.

Manufactured by Noblechairs, it is built with luxury in mind. Made out of genuine leather, it one of the most expensive gaming chair. It features height/tilt mechanism that is useful when fine-tuning your comfort.

Secretlab Omega

This is a racing seat that reclines to 165 degrees. With a weight capacity of 240 lbs, it weighs 66 lbs and exists in classic, stealth, royal, ash and amber colors.

Secretlab features high-quality material right from its casters to the base, armrest, lift mechanism to the seat back. This makes it firm and comfortable with time.

What makes it outstanding is that it includes head pillows and a velour memory foam lumbar enabling one to recline the seat fully while feeling comfortable and even sleep.

Respawn 200

If you want a budget-friendly gaming seat with a mesh back, go for a Respawn 200. This racing seat only reclines to 130 degrees. Available in blue, grey, white, green and red colors, it weighs just 50.7 lbs which can only support a weight of up to 275 lbs.

Despite having a plastic frame and base, this chair offers ultimate comfort as it has a leather seat cushion for extended gaming sessions.

Vertagear SL5000

This racing seat has a high adjustable backrest. While it reclines easily to 140 degrees maximum, it can carry up to 330 lbs despite weighing just 59 lbs. This chair comes in color blue, green, red, white and carbon.

It offers high comfort, and it is designed to hold you in position when gaming just like a race car seat when taking a corner on high speed. There is more attention to detail of its features, and it gives you firmer support than other recliners.

Herman Miller Embody

As it is known, it is a smart chair for your money. As is the Steelcase Gesture, it is a task chair with multi-layer fabric. Its height ranges from 16-20.5 inches giving enough support to stomach 300 lbs with its 51 lbs weight.

Of most chairs, it is a high-end exorbitant gaming chair. Its backrest is dramatically-shaped with a biomechanical look resembling a sci-fi cockpit.

Its makers claim that Embody "is so advanced that it lowers your heart rate and reduces stress by stimulating oxygen and blood flow while you sit." It features a flexible matrix design to support your lower back area superbly.

This seat adjusts automatically to your sitting position as well as your posture. Its puckered fabric on the chair enables you to be comfortable for extended game sessions. As for the money, it is pricey even more than your actual gaming PC.

Steelcase gesture

This is one of the most comfortable gaming chairs you are ever going to find. It is made of breathable fabric which makes it a great task chair. Reclining only up to 116 degrees, its height ranges from 16-21 inches giving it a cool weight of 78 lbs which can easily support up to 400 lbs of weight.

It is considered an iconic chair and thus comes at a steep price. But if you ever wanted anything that provides gigantic eye-watering sight and ultimate comfort, you'll inevitably spend on it. Your butt will have a lifetime embrace experience.

Office Master Om5

It is a mid-range ergonomic task chair featuring a self-adjusting mechanism. Its back is made out of polyflex while the seat is fabric. In its 14.7-25 inches height, it weighs 64 lbs which can support a capacity of 300 lbs.

The owners described it as "a self-weighing chair that intuitively responds to a wide range of body weights without the need of manual tension."

It is possible to make a couple of manual adjustments, but most of the magic occurs around your hip and back. When it comes to this seat, sitting is believing. At a mid-range price, it offers edgy quality and comfort.

Office Star ProGrid

At first glance, this chair doesn’t depict class. However, it offers the same kind of 'tweakability' only found in expensive models. Its manual aspects force you to use its variety of levers to adjust both tilt and height of the chair or even slide the seat pan forward or backward.

The task chair is made of a mesh back and fabric seat. It can adjust its height from 17-20.5 inches, and it weighs 41 lbs.

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