This desert tour guide is an Arabian adventure with Orion Vision Tours, they pick up at the hotel and deliver it back to the hotel. The tour we did was afternoon until sunset. So we gathered at the hotel lobby where we were staying, Pullman Deira at 2.30. We were in a group of 4 wheel drive jeeps with 4 participants and one Indian driver who was fluent in English. This driver is also our guide, consisting of two Filipinos, one Malaysian and I from Indonesia. Our party moved hand in hand, about an hour later we arrived at the entrance to the desert safari area. The initial shadow was hot and arid, there was no green view that could soothe the eyes. Apparently not, apparently at that time the sun was friendly, cool, and right and left there was a conservation area that was being greened. This is a special area before entering the area which is quite tense.

A Guide of Desert Safari Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Our Dubai Desert Safari Area was named Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. We entered through the Margham door. The area of the Margham desert is around 225 square kilometers, and is still inhabited by a number of animals, especially desert goats and deer. In this conservation area there are also foxes and desert snakes, which are usually more deadly thanking cobra. But the area that can be visited by tourists is not entirely, which is clear, a safe area and can provide a different sensation from the others.

From the gate of Margham, we already faced with a wide view of the golden sea of sand. Here we stopped for a while because the guide drivers we were riding had to reduce wind pressure on the car tires. Then with a slightly flat tire, we walked in the desert. According to the driver, this was done so we were safe when sailing in the sea of sand. 

After a short break and taking pictures, we started the adventure in the desert. People call it dune bashing, that is, the car runs directly over the desert and breaks through the dunes with a slope of up to 60 degrees. Every now and then we also break through a hill that resembles the shape of a sand wall and down a fairly steep sand valley. We felt our bodies in the car bobbing and occasionally slamming. This has indeed been reminded from the beginning by our guide that if you are not strong you may just throw up in a plastic bag that has been prepared. Off-road like this takes about 40 minutes in groups of more than 20 cars. Walking in a group is a necessity, he said, because they will copy to help if things happen that are not desirable on a trip over the desert without signs.

In the middle of the desert, there is a fairly flat arena, a place to rest sitting on cushions and carpet covers that have been provided by Orion Vision Tours. there we rested while enjoying a serving of tea, coffee and Arabian sweet foods such as dates and very sweet dried cakes. Enjoying warm tea while waiting for the sunset in the golden red desert provides a subhuman atmosphere ... How great is your majesty ... everyone acknowledges you, God ...

At the end of the sunset, we continued the journey back to the hotel through the desert again, but we were not driven like the beginning of the trip, the sand dune that was passed was not as scenic as before. The desert that we passed was more gentle, and here and there were shrubs, occasionally there were deer or desert goats passing by. On the left and right side of the conservation field, there are tents belonging to the Margham natives to maintain camels. Along the way the Indian driver tells the truth that this Evening Desert Safari there are other packages such as Arabian barbeque dinners, and Arabic coffee and watching belly dance, fire dances, and other typical arts of the United Arab Emirates. But our package is not included, because at 7pm we have a dinner together at The Palace Downtown Dubai.

In the middle of the trip we were given the Orion Vision Tours business card by the driver, "if you want to go there again please contact us", he said the trip cost is around 200 dirhams (AED) per person. The fee includes pick-up and returns to the hotel. Dubai is extraordinary, besides desert tourism, it is also famous for its high-rise Mall buildings and offers spectacular shopping tours in the world. Not surprisingly, if we take a walk there that is seen in the eyes of almost all foreigners, the Arabs are only slightly visible. 
Special Thanks to Orion Vision Tours for a lovely trip to Desert Safari Dubai

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