Comparison of iOS and Android has been happening for some years and yet no one came to a conclusion of which one is better between both of them. Now let me show the reasons which make Android better compared to iOS.

There are many parameters based on which iOS and Android can be compared. Keep reading to know why I prefer Android over iOS.

10 Reasons Why I prefer Android vs iPhone iOS


iPhones are manufactured by only one company i.e., Apple while on the other hand Android devices are manufactured on large scale by many companies with different features and prices.

You can find as many models as you want and choose the best. There are people who need a phone with a large battery life, while someone needs a phone with a good camera and don’t care about the remaining attributes. Some prefer a phone with a large screen size while others like to have a smaller phone.

Some like gaming and some like working. Android provides phones with all the features above and you have a lot of options to select while iPhone lack in this field as there are very fewer options.

Generally, I think of the options that I have before buying a smartphone and I would like to have many options from which I can choose.


Hardware is the most important part of the phone as it reflects the phone. iPhone loses in all the aspects when compared to Android Phones. From screen size to dedicated sd card slot, you can get everything better in Android Phones.

The recently released version of iPhone, iPhone X is lacking 3.5mm Audio Jack, a big set back. Whatever may be the reason I would love to hear songs and watch videos with earphones and can’t compromise in that aspect.

iPhone stated that it supports fast charging during the launch of iPhone X but didn’t give the fast charger in the box and charged a fortune for that charger while many Android phones are giving fast chargers in the box itself.


The best part of Android is customization. Literally, you can choose how you want your phone to be. Several third-party apps in the Play Store just for enthusiasts like me who want to change their phone as they like.

This is the major setback for iOS, one cannot change anything provided by the company. Being an Android user you can be able to customize your device more than just installing a theme or a new app. There are custom ROMs, mods, Recoveries and more you can get and install on your device.

It might not be easy to do all this stuff and you may need to understand and learn something about the tools and how this operating system works. A good start is to learn about recoveries and custom ROMs and also you will need to understand what ADB and Fastboot are? If you will ever need to play with an Android system, definitely you will need these tools.


Android 7, Nougat update brought a great feature which is a split screen. You can run two apps at a time on the same screen. The screen will be divided into two screens allowing you to use two apps at the same time.

I think we have to wait for another two years to get this same feature on iOS.

Removable Battery

There are many mobiles that are offering removable batteries till now. Whenever your battery gets to the maximum limits of the circle you can just buy an original battery and use your phone, but that’s not the case in iOS. You have to run to a nearest iPhone service center to exchange the battery which is a hectic process.

Expandable Memory

You can expand your Android’s memory as much as you want with a micro SD card but that’s not the case in iPhone. You cannot extend the memory and have to be adjusted with the memory that the phone offers. I don’t care about the device’s internal memory I use but it is better to have an option to extend the battery of the phone.

Google Maps Better than Apple Maps

There is a war between Google Maps and Apple Maps even though it well knows which is better. The default Google Maps comes in handy when you are traveling, the iPhone also have Apple apps but is not accurate and you can see many weird roots in Apple.

I don’t want to get lost in the middle of nowhere just because my phone was incapable of directing me.  Although you can download Google Maps on iPhone you can’t make it default and Siri keeps interrupting you.

Choice of Default Apps

As I stated earlier, you have many choices in Android while selecting the default apps. While in Android you can make any third party apps of your choice as default.

Support of Multiple Users

You can see the multi-user option on Android while the same is missing in iPhone. In the multi-user mode, you can create a guest mode when you are lending your phone to others and kids mode for kids.

iPhone lacks in this field too.

Download Movies or Music from Anywhere

You can download music from a browser or some apps or from anything that you like. But on iOS, you have to purchase from iTunes or download in your computer and sync with iTunes.


The USB type chargers are used for almost all types of devices. So there is no worry if your phone is running out of battery as you can get the charger from anyone around you. Whereas in iPhone you get the lightning chargers which aren’t compatible with any other devices.

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