Although these are mostly casual games, built on collecting and exchanging, the potential impact of this emerging technology on the industry is enormous. A unique gaming experience, constantly evolving characters and in-game transactions and bonus systems all these become possible owing to the blockchain.

Microtransactions in Blockchain games.

This perspective may seem unpleasant for those who are concerned about microtransactions. If you are worried that games will become prohibitively expensive, this is not necessarily the case. The use of Blockchain technology can lead to the fact that the games in which the main story is revealed will appear in general in the same way as now, but in-game stuff may be unique especially for you. Purchasing of in-game equipment and cosmetic improvements can come close in meaning to individual tailoring or the acquisition of handmade jewellery that no one else will have.

The use of Blockchain technology will affect not only console and PC games as losing sight of the mobile market would be short-sighted and simply stupid. The mobile games market is the fastest growing in the whole industry, so mobile games with the use of Blockchain technology are already in place.

The future of Blockchain games

Despite all the temptation of such a perspective, it should be noticed that the technology itself is completely new.

The phenomena due to which the whole world speaks about it (for example, bitcoin) also appeared relatively recently, so it takes time to understand how all this can be built into the games. If you consider the attitude of the world community to the cryptocurrency, you can get an approximate idea, when the technology of the Blockchain will seriously expand its sphere of influence. In addition, since we are talking about tradable items with fluctuating value, one should not overlook such a serious factor as the risk of speculation.

A recent example is Counter Strike Go and its in-game skinning of weapons. If an in-game item has a real value and can be sold or bought from another player, then the line between putting skins on the outcome of the draw and using real money is very much blurred.

Let's be honest: if children are involved in gambling, it will be a problem in any country in the world. It will be difficult to monitor compliance with the law.

With Blockchain technology, your items become your property, and if you decide to sell them after a while, it's entirely up to you, not the creator of the game.

It is too early to make predictions about the future of Blockchain technology. Possible advantages for the game industry are quite obvious, but everything will really depend on whether the world adapts to cryptocurrencies as such.

If over the next few years bitcoin, ethereum do not lose relevance and be more stable, than we can expect the heyday of Blockchain gaming.

Whether developers will be able to fully implement the technology of Blockchain for games, remains to be seen, but there is no doubt that Blockchain gaming is inevitable as a phenomenon. And the opportunities that will open in this case are truly incredible. I think you will agree with me.

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