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8 Lessons You Can Learn From Top Brands Twitter Marketing Strategies

Samantha Gonzales2303 25-Jul-2018

8 Lessons You Can Learn From Top Brands Twitter Marketing Strategies

Twitter remains as one of the most active social sites on the planet with over 313 million monthly active users and primarily made up of a young demographic. Therefore, this giant social platform serves as a fantastic platform for marketers and budding entrepreneurs.

Setting up a Twitter account is easy ‒ all you need to do is create a Twitter handle, upload a profile picture, and fill in a bio. Then, afterward, you can start sending out your very first tweet. However, the actual challenge here is creating a Twitter account that attracts and engages followers on a consistent basis, coming up with timely and relevant content and turning into a practical tool that generates profitable sales.

The truth is, it takes more than just a tweet to capture your audience's attention every time there's a new product launch or an upcoming event at your company. In fact, it's coming up with a solid social media marketing strategy is crucial to reach your target goals in an incredibly fast-paced social media site.

In short, you have to stand out.

But how?

Well, You have to learn how the pros do it ‒ mastering the art of social media to grow your business online and attract endless possibilities.

Understand your target audience 

You will never sell anything online if you fail to understand your target audience. What are their specific needs that have to be addressed? How can you deliver your product or service in the most convenient, hassle-free way, without compromising the overall quality?

You need to know who you are targeting and start crafting a strategy that can be incredibly useful to your audience. Focus on delivering something of value and make your customers happy. Doing so encourages them to engage in your brand actively and even promoting it to their friends and followers.

It's vital that you know your target audience because it creates persona-based marketing campaigns. It puts you the right path on who you're going to attract and engage with.

Use Tools to Easily Interpret Data

To be able to gain insight into how well your posts are performing on the platform, you need the best blogging tools to track metrics for you to be able to market your business effectively.

Here is how these tools can help improve your marketing campaigns:

  • Generate more leads by gaining awareness into the types of people that actively engage in your brand, what's their driving force in sharing your content, and who they're sharing it with.
  • Finding relevant influencers to connect with.
  • Analyze competition on how they craft tweets, hashtags, mentions, and win followers.
  • Find trending hashtags, search terms, followers, and more.
  • Manage who you follow and unfollow- as you get rid of followers who spam your feed.
  • Time posting at certain hours of the day for maximum impact and visibility.
  • Add, edit, and optimize the images using the right sizes on your tweets.

Engaging Video Content

Videos and compelling visuals are one of the most powerful strategies in content marketing. They're visually stimulating, so it's easier to keep your followers hooked, and they can even influence your followers buying decisions.

In fact, according to statistics, nearly 50% of users search the product online for reviews, and product-related videos before ultimately making a purchase. That's the reason why most giant companies prioritize video marketing in their campaign.

Content marketers have to harness the effectiveness of video marketing. They're engaging, visual, transparent, and can be one of the most effective strategies in growing your brand and expanding your reach.

An Effective Hashtag Campaign

8 Lessons You Can Learn From Top Brands Twitter Marketing Strategies

  Coke's #ShareaCoke Campaign

Getting the right hashtags in your specific niche makes it easier to be seen by your target audience. When your content is easily found online, it allows you to network with various influencers, your target audience as well as the relevant names in the industry. Therefore, boosting your visibility as a brand and as a company.
Hashtags allow your content to be grouped with your content that's relevant to your niche. But of course, you have to be particularly careful in using them. Over the last couple of years, hashtags have evolved in various social media platforms. Using them the wrong way causes your brand to suffer the consequences. It irks your audience, and as a result, you risk losing some of your followers.

Pinning Tweets

8 Lessons You Can Learn From Top Brands Twitter Marketing Strategies

Samsung Pinned Tweet for the upcoming Note 9

Ever since 2014, Twitter made significant changes on users profiles and one notable addition is allowing users to pin a tweet on the top of their page. So, if people visit your profile, the first thing that they would see is your pinned tweet.

You might be wondering why do pinned tweets matter, and why are the top marketers and businesses using it to their advantage? Well, one notable benefit is high engagement rates. If you're a user checking out a business page for the very first time, wouldn't you be impressed if you'll come across a post with lots of engagement? Of course, you will!

Whether you like it or not, having a social proof can significantly impact a buyer's decision. If your pinned post is glowing with reviews from satisfied customers that genuinely care about your brand, then more likely, other people are going to follow suit.

Moreover, you have to come up with compelling visuals such as an eye-catching image that represents your brand and values. It's because images that are visually pleasing to the eye increases the number of retweets to up to 35%.

Engage With Your Audience

Having hundreds and thousands of followers isn't everything. In fact, it's useless, unless you know how to engage these people actively. Most highly successful brands that are killing it with their Twitter marketing campaigns all hold very similar attributes:

  • They produce highly engaging content.
  • They post at a regular basis usually at strategic times of the day.
  • They curate content that's human, highly relatable, and makes an impact on their audience.
  • They use compelling visuals, generally with a link on the post.
  • They retweet posts from their followers and respond to mentions.
  • They have a relevant photo or avatar on their page.

Set Goals and Milestones

Do you know that a lot of brands have no idea whether their social media efforts are working or not? Astoundingly, almost 41 percent of companies don't track their activity or set particular objectives in mind. As a result, they don't have specific, measurable goals that they want to achieve.

Measure results

Twitter Analytics is crucial to building your Twitter marketing campaign because it provides you with a massive amount of information for you to come up with meaningful tweets that resonate with your target audience. It gives you insight into how well a particular tweet is performing with specific metrics for individual tweets, who's engaging who, and the relevant influencers in your niche. Moreover, it allows you to track follower activity, interests, and demographics to be able to come up with a powerful marketing campaign.

If you’re still unsure about how you can accurately interpret and use the Twitter Analytics, you can always seek for professionals where there are people who are professionally trained to help you maximize conversions and sales.

This social media marketing guide for Twitter was contributed by Little Giant online marketing, an award-winning digital agency from Auckland, New Zealand.

Updated 07-Sep-2019
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