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Life Insurance Corporation of India - Customer Services

Life Insurance Corporation of India can be called one of the most trusted and one of the oldest insurance companies in India. Over the years, LIC has provided a very high level of service to generations of Indians and a huge reason why their legacy continues to flourish today, is their ability to provide quality customer care to their investors.

LIC’s customer services ensure smooth operability for all their customers. This sort of access to help and care from customer care executives that customers here enjoy, has become a good model emulated by other insurance companies as well. The customer care contact is easily accessible from their website or provided along with their policy documents.

You can reach them easily through LIC customer care email or LIC customer care number. Here we briefly discuss the different kinds of assistance provided by them.


  •  Change of Address 

If you moved houses or cities, you do not have to worry about your LIC policy getting affected by the change in address. You can easily change your registered address through the help of a LIC customer care assistant. Also, now with LIC online portal, you can even do these things with your fingertips.

  •  Premium Paid Certificate

Premium paid certificate can be for individual policy or consolidated policy. This certificate provides history of premium that the customers paid. So, in case you require any help with this, you can access LIC’s customer care and get the issue sorted fast and easily.

  •  Life Certificate (Pension Policies)

If you have any questions or queries, or you want to resolve any confusion about the policies of your life certificate, and you are unable to resolve it yourself, you can always pick up the phone and call LIC customer care. Or even email. There will always be an executive on the other end to help you out.

  •  Grievance Redressal

In case you have any grievances and complaints about LIC and the services offered by its different branch or affiliates, the company also provides you the ability to report these. In order to register a complaint, you can call or write to the LIC customer care number or email.


LIC customer care can help you in proving information about the following:

  •  Premium Points

LIC has provided some selected agents to collect premium from different designated centers. The reason for this is better customer service and distribution of services to all places in India. These centers are called Premium Points.

  •  Policy status

 You can also check LIC policy status means when you have to pay next premium ,maturity time, Bonus etc

  •  Bonus

The company, over and above the assets and liabilities, provides bonus to the policyholders.

  •  Loan

Policyholders are also able to take out loans against their policy. The information for this can be ascertained from the customer care.

  •  LIC Policy Revival

LIC policy revival can be done even after one’s policy is lapsed and you want to revive it to continue with its service.

  •  LIC Plans and Benefits

LIC plans also have lots of additional benefits. While you can always find out more about these benefits by reading about the policy reviews as well as comparing different kinds of policies provided by LIC. But sheer range of fantastic policy options provided by LIC coupled with the ability to customise some of them to your needs, might leave you with a difficulty in choosing the policy which is best for you. In order to decide, you can always visit your nearest LIC centers and talk to one of the executives in order to find out more about what you should get for yourself.


  •  Filling Up Of Application Forms

The paperwork required to buy and maintain insurance policies can be very daunting, particularly for people who are first time investors and unfamiliar with jargon related to insurance policies. So, LIC customer care services also assists with filling of application forms and clarifying any queries or confusions that investors might have related to this.

  •  Registration on LIC's Customer Portal

LIC’s customer portal is a fantastic solution for people to manage their LIC accounts without having to face the hassle of travelling from one place to another or spending time in queues. This portal is the one-stop solutions from which you can manage all your policies as well as modify your preferences for your accounts if you need. LIC has customer care page with all frequently asked questions related to this as well as customer care executives who are available for customers and equipped to help you out with all related problems.

  •  Registration of Mobile No., E-Mails, Pin Code No.

LIC customer care is also available at all times for any information related to registration of contact details as well. Thus we see, that LIC has ensured that its customers always have a structured authority to approach in case of any doubts, queries or grievances.

Last updated:5/16/2018 8:58:49 AM


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