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If you are looking for an e-commerce solution that can power your e-store, then Magento is the one for you! It stands out in terms of the features, website design, security, high-quality performance and the overall website management. The Magento development company launched Magento keeping in mind every possible need and requirement of the merchants to build up an online selling pitch. Moreover, it offers management features that help drive more traffic, retain a maximum number of customers, and increase the return on investment. It is one of the most popular open-source content management systems that welcome more and more users whole-heartedly with open arms.

Are you wondering what is it about this e-commerce platform that drives so many brands and users to it? Here are the exclusive Magento features for website management that will leave you amazed!

1. Customer accounts and services

Managing a website is really tricky but managing an e-commerce store where you have to keep the customer’s interest and needs above everything else will drive you crazy! One of the main things that you need to manage while developing an e-commerce website is the customer experience. Your platform must deliver the best CX and for this, the feature of allowing the customers to have customer accounts is a must! Magento offers this feature and its come quite in handy. According to McKinsey, “70 % of the buying experiences are based on how the customers are treated by the brand.” And, we are pretty sure you wouldn’t want to lose even a single customer, right?

Thus, utilize the exclusive Magento customer accounts and services feature. It allows the customers to have their own shopping account. This gives them the option to self-serve and ensures faster checkouts. Moreover, the customer can check the status of their orders, reorder from their account, update their information, look into order history and enjoy several other benefits. This feature allows you to highly customize the website for your customers and this is one of the main principles of managing a website.

2. Up to date SEO management

Every website needs SEO or else without it, they would find themselves wandering astray on the web. The sole purpose of an e-store is to reach the customers when they search for a related query. Proper SEO helps the e-commerce business get more impressions, sales, and clicks. A study by Gabe Donnini states that “the share of impressions coming from the first position is almost double that for the second position, truly illustrating the value the first spot holds.” This means no one would want to make a sacrifice when it comes to the website’s SEO management, right? This is why Magento offers loads of options that the developer can enjoy.

It supports the search engine friendly URLs and so allows customization of the URLs. Through Magento, you can generate Google sitemaps, meta-tag product, and ensure fast loading speed of the website. Features like generating custom navigation links, independent page titles, meta-description, and image ALT tags are also included in the SEO package.

3. Catalog management


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The Magento website’s catalog management system offers unique features for handling both the online and offline options. No matter what your website is selling, the catalog is what makes it sell. Your website design is mainly a catalog and there are multiple options through which you can manage it. The catalog management system allows you to import and export items, update the products in the admin panel, approve or delete a product tag, edit or delete the product review and organize it on the website.

All of these features allow the users to keep their product catalog up to date. Also, it offers attribute sets so that you can create different item types category easily. RSS feed for low inventory alerts and complete inventory management feature come as a gift with the catalog management.

4. Magento mobile commerce availability

Next exclusive feature in line that helps you manage your website through Magento is the mobile commerce solution. According to SocPub, 57% of the users claim they don’t recommend a business that has a poorly-designed mobile website. This indicates how important mobile commerce is and Magento acknowledges this. Thus, to make your desktop website more mobile-friendly, hire Magento developer and let him do the trick!

The mobile-optimized storefronts that Magento offers come with user-friendly search display, image scaling, media capabilities, cross-sell/ up-sell features, and the clean product pages display. All of this features help in developing and managing the mobile website. The ease of purchase is further ensured by offering a drag-and-drop the product option. Magento’s investment in mobile commerce is seen worldwide. Here’s what Alex Komoroske, the product manager at Google has to say about the recent trends, “PWAs are the new standard for building a modern web experience. We’re excited to see Magento’s continued investment in the technologies required to create modern shopping experiences.”

5. Basic design management


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Magento has earned the top position in the e-commerce business website developing market. And, the credit goes to how well the developers understand the needs of a website. The basic site management is as important as the management of other website domains. Thus, Magento offers templates that you can customize according to your design, multiple language and currencies options, tax rates according to location and product types, and Captcha enabled websites.

6. Shipping process management

With Magento, you can set your website according to the latest owner shipping practices. This allows you to integrate with Shipment service providers as well. The Magento’s shipping section is full of features to facilitate the e-store so that you can manage the way you want. It allows shipment to multiple addresses in one order, multiple shipments per order, and on-site order tracking facility. These are the three most commonly used options by the customers and Magento succeeds in integrating them into the website. To further facilitate the customers, Magento offer table rates for weight and destination, for the number of items and destinations, and for product sub-totals and destination. All of this information pretty much impresses the customers and eases the purchase process for them.

7. Order management

The order management system of the popular e-commerce platform is simply superb and a major part of the website management (as an e-commerce business deals with orders all the time)! It allows the developers/ brand workers to view the entire order history, edit it, create and fulfil orders and view the re-orders made by the customers; all of this through the admin panel. The other features offered by it include automating email notification of the order, generating print invoices, looking over the RSS feed of new orders, and ensuring call center order creation.


Magento is an outstanding solution for your e-commerce business. Using this platform you can customize it for any industry you want. It showcases the perfect features and website management options keeping in consideration every single process of the online business.

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