Blunders You Must Avoid While Hiring Java Developers to Get the Best Fulfilling Your Needs

No matter how many new technologies and frameworks introduced in past couple of years, but Java has managed to hold its position as one of the most popular programming languages. Aside to its widespread use, it is one of the most demanding programming languages among the employers and thus, many newbie developers are keen to learn Java and try to get shortlisted in java development company to start their career. Even the organizations, looking for a robust solution for their business, are looking for professional developers having expertise in JAVA.

Many of you might have tried following the best practices to hire a developer for your Java development services but failed to get good results. So, who is to blame? Whether you agree or not,

here are some of the most wrongly followed practices that don’t help you reach out the decent java pro.

  • Valuing experience more than what it actually deserves!!!

It is too risky to take chances on a specific language or technology a developer is already knowing since long back and having enough experience to beat your challenges. But, it is not all a good idea to totally rely on the experience of the candidate. Languages are improved time-by-time and developers have to invest more in learning new technologies and sharpen their skills.

Of course, experience matters a lot, but in parallel, you have to focus and give priority to the technical skills a developer poses instead of overvaluing the experience while hiring.

  • If it is suggested by a technical recruiter, it is the best what I can get...

If you’re running a java development company or running an enterprise and looking for a professional java resource, once in a while you must have connected with a technical recruiter to help you out. Well, that’s perfectly fine to get help from a technical recruiter, but there are no further observations they made to help you get the resource for your work.

Majority of the technical recruiters have a large pool of talent, but they rarely make any effort to know the skills and ability of the developer. They have just one goal: resource placement as and when requested by the clients. They won’t help you find the best fit for your business. So, try to validate the ability and skills of the Java developer when suggested by a technical recruiter instead of blindly trusting them.

  • Overlooking technical aspects while hiring java programmer

If you’re a start-up, an individual or an SMB, you might have constraints when it comes to achieving good results with minimum investment. In such scenario, it is important that you be well-prepared with enough research and documents demonstrating your requirements to the Java development services provider.

Ensure that you validate technical knowledge of the Java developers you’re hiring from a service provider to know whether he poses enough technical expertise to carry out your requirements or not.

  • Restricting your search with geographical boundaries...

Java has no boundaries and so for the talented developers too! Many of us restrict our hunt for the java professionals within the local network or geography only. There are many reasons people avoid reaching out talent beyond the specific boundaries, and the main reason is relocation expense. If it is a concern, you have the option to leverage from a distributed team of developers working for you.

  • I can manage with a single resource for my Java stuff!!!

Well, it is one of the biggest misconceptions among many people. No matter what is size and budget for your java venture, you should aim not to hire individual Java programmer but additional members too. It is critical go beyond your imagination and think bigger. If you hire a team, you can leverage from a pool of resources having different expertise in Java domain itself. This will at the end benefit you get the more powerful and cutting-edge solution for your business.

  • Never considering a background check!

Well, you might find the right java programmer for your project or solution, but you cannot blindly trust the credibility of the resource you’re hiring. Checking the background and credential check is a good practice as it will help you get an idea about the potential of the programmer. You can get in touch with previous employers or can validate the work details from the client he/she worked with in past.

This will not only help you clear the picture of the potential developer but also helps you know whether you can really rely on the candidate for your work or not.

Finding and hiring a skilled java resource is stressful and time-buying stuff. Usually, chances are quite high that you hire wrong java pro that doesn’t fit your needs if you make mistakes discussed above. But there are always good hiring practices you can follow and try to avoid making the blunders discussed to get the pro java that fits your requirements.

Steven Keith is a Business Analyst at XongoLab Technologies. As a business analyst, He takes care of all responsibilities of projects & give the best results to the clients. He is also managing content writing department for the same company. He likes to write articles about new & upcoming technology and sharing it with readers.

Last updated:8/15/2020 10:26:56 PM
Steven Keith

Steven Keith

I am Steven Keith, a business analyst as well mobile developer at top notch mobile app development company. I am also tech writer and loves to write on different programming and developing tools.


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