Jungle safari is one of the most exciting ways to spend a vacation or even a short trip. The thrill that comes along with it, even knowing that you are entirely safe on the safari, is something that is unparalleled.

Usually, in a jungle safari, a guide takes you around in the jungle by a vehicle (the most preferred vehicle for a safari is typically a land rover). However, some safari trips can be arranged over the horseback.

Jungle safari on a horse

The exciting thing about a jungle safari on a horse is that you get to slow down and experience the whole trip more smoothly and consistently.

However, there are certain things that can mess up the whole journey when you opt for a jungle safari on a horse. One could be an incredible fan of horse racing and could follow the Monmouth race track without fail, but that does not make them pros are horse riding. Even sufficient reading would not be good enough for going on a horse ride.

Horse riding takes an enormous amount of learning and practice. Horse riders have to go through an immense amount of training and practice to be able to ride the horse as they do. Unless that is fulfilled, even the shortest time riding a horse can cause severe pain in between the tight muscles. Certain positions need to be maintained as well as specific instructions that should be followed.

Here are a few tips for anyone opting for a safari on a horse ride:

1. Always follow your guide. Make sure never to lose him because in a forest it is challenging to find out one's way, even if they are equipped with a map. There might also be low phone connectivity, so even if you have a phone, keep a keen eye on the guide.

2. Do not get too close to an animal. Since a horse does not provide the protection or speed of a car, humans can be easy prey for carnivorous animals. It is, however, maintained that a safari on a horse is usually stipulated to jungles that do not show a lot of predatory animals.

3. Make sure you have the right gear strapped on in the right place or else the pain that comes along can be troublesome or even chronic.

4. It is also to be maintained that the horse is kept out of panicking. The more you panic as the rider, the more anxious your horse will become. Moreover, once the horse starts running out of panic, you can start counting down to your last breath even if you are a very expert horse rider.


A jungle safari on horseback is an incredible experience; but only as long as all the rules are followed. Otherwise, it can be an experience that traumatizes you for life or even puts your life in danger. You can also find cost-effective horse safari packages with a bit of research.

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