Uninstall Visual SourceSafe

This blog provides an overview of Uninstall Visual SourceSafe.

You can uninstall Visual SourceSafe if you are having problems with the current installation. The uninstall operation removes most of the Visual SourceSafe components from your computer and all the registry entries created during installation.

To uninstall Visual SourceSafe:

1.        If you are uninstalling from the server machine, back up the database(s) to minimize the possibility of losing critical data.

2.       On the Windows Start menu, click Control Panel, and then select Add/Remove Programs.

3.       After removing Visual SourceSafe, delete any remaining Visual SourceSafe items from your computer by deleting the Visual SourceSafe folder and its contents.

4.       Empty the Recycle bin. If you delete the Visual SourceSafe folder from your computer but do not empty the Recycle bin, the Setup program can locate the deleted Visual SourceSafe folder in the Recycle Bin and treat it as an installed version of Visual SourceSafe.


Do not uninstall Visual SourceSafe by deleting the Visual SourceSafe folder from your computer because related registry entries will not be removed. If registry entries remain, they can cause problems with other applications, especially those that were integrated with Visual SourceSafe.

Last updated:7/4/2019 8:59:19 AM


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