Content curation is basically an act of discovering, finding, obtaining and sharing a particular existing content with your fans or followers online. It has become one of the most integral practices for the marketer especially the online marketers as it is one of the major activity to maintain an appropriate online presence.

Content Curation and its tools

It provides additional strength and value to your potential customers and is a key to build an effective and efficient relationship with them.  

It is a practice which involves shortlisting, arranging, and placing found content into specific themes and then publishing that information.

Content curation is a big part of the social web as we all do similar things to engage people towards us by providing them fresh content.

Why content curation?

Most of the business are opting content marketing to engage the consumer. Basically, it is an initiation for delivering, executing and delivering the content in regards to assets to make, nourish and grow a corporation’s customer base.

Content Curation and its tools

And as there is a numerous number of businesses opting content marketing, it has become harder for the marketing analyst to maintain and analyze the quality of the content needed to compete with others. 

In such cases, content curation helps you challenge and compete with others on the web and it also leads you towards unexpected utility.

List of benefits through content curation:
  • The content which gets curated once have more possibilities of getting indexed and it provides more areas for increasing visitors towards your official website.
  • Curated content drives progressive website visits that will increase the potential for landing quality leads.
  • Curated content is definitely repurposed via newsletters, emails, and alternative channels to form lead nurturing easy and consistent.
  • Curated content supplements your social media publication schedule and helps facilitate social media conversations—not solely with prospects and customers, however additionally with peers.
Best tools for content curation

According to marketing analyst, an effective and efficient curation process consist of exploring, linking, tagging, commenting, upgrading and contextualizing content. So if you want to do an effective curation you need the right tools too which are listed below:


It is one of the greatest application to collect content in one place, it integrates with more than 1500 application and is available on almost each and every platform.

Content Curation and its tools

Pocket save each and every content whether it is on your device or it is available on any application such as Pulse, Twitter, and Flipboard. As after you have store the content in the pocket it gets saved on your device. You can easily read it even if you aren’t having a proper web connection.


It is considered as one of the most appropriate platforms for curating attention-grabbing to informative content it covers up so many topics such as food recipes, decoration, technology etc. 

Content Curation and its tools

Pinterest additionally allows you to arrange and share all the content you'll notice. Plus, you'll draw inspiration from totally different Pinboards for making your own posts. As an example, Pinterest may be a sensible supply of infographics.

The tweeted tweets

The Tweeted times permits you to get and publish nice tweets. It finds and curates niche content that's most relevant and recent to your audience. The Tweeted times additionally shares news on your Twitter stream mechanically.

Content Curation and its tools

The tweets area unit then hierarchal by quality. This period of time Twitter newspaper is ideal for brand new businesses to grow their community. And brings you one step nearer to turning into a concept leader.

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