Open source Blockchain Platforms for creating unstoppable application

Open source Blockchain Platforms for creating unstoppable application

Blockchain works by keeping records of the history of transactions or asset transfers in the form of blocks. These blocks are then instantly linked with each other through a cryptographic validation which is called hashing function and then it becomes a hash-linked chain.

Thus, to develop a smart mobile Blockchain app, one needs to use a transaction and ledger model. This fosters transparency, trust, and accountability throughout the network.  

For easy and quick Blockchain app development you can go through open source platforms that need minimal experience to start off.

There are various open source blockchain platforms available for facilitating the development of such apps Like Eris, Hydra Chain, MultiChain, Openchain, OpenZeppelin, BigChainDB, Ethereum, Elements Blockchain Platform, Quorum, Stellar, Hyperledger.

Open source platforms help in protecting and maintaining all the important details and transactions. These are some of the best open source platforms:


• Big time free software

• Allows the app to be created and run, secure, low-cost applications from anywhere

• Features can be turned on and off

• Helps to directly develop a group of a permission chain for the individuals.

• Can analyse the complete action in a step by step manner


• Most compatible with the Ethereum Protocol

• Helps create a Permission app which is attached to the


• Helps companies design, implement, and operate Distributed ledgers instantly

• Supervised with the support of permission

• Deployment in this chain is instant

• Bitcoin compatible and extendable


• Open source distributed ledger technology

• Real-time ledger providing free transactions with a high scalability

• Suited for companies that want to manage their digital assets in a robust and flexible manner

• Instantized within seconds

• Administrator of an Openchain instance defines the rules of the ledger for end users

• Every transaction on the ledger is valid through a digital signature

• Stands alone and maintains its privacy due to decentralization

• Secure platform with unified API


• Open-source framework

• Provides secure, tested and audited code

• Developers can use its vetted modules to build secure smart contracts

• Modules issue tokens and define the rules of underlying systems


Being able to write executable code blocks into a Blockchain development that involves writing executable code blocks is a significant advance but is very new and is in its early days.

However, a mobile app development company needs to keep in mind that the existing Blockchain app development platforms are still undergoing upgradations and newer platforms are coming to the fore to make this field open and exciting for developers.

Thus, there is great scope for further innovation and experimentation in the Blockchain app development sector.

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