5 Types of Virtual Reality that will affect the Future

5 Types of Virtual Reality that will affect the Future

Virtual reality is a digital experience that gives a real which nobody can see because it doesn’t exist in the real world. Virtual reality is like closing your eyes and experiencing the sound of music like as if you are in front of a live artist or at that exact place and time when the instrumentals of a song were being composed. It is experiencing things that do not exist. 

Virtual reality is a 3D computer universe that one can access using digital technology. It comes with visual machinery attached to a computer to create the virtual experience. When you are connected to a virtual reality setup, the feeling is ecstatic as it looks so real.

With Virtual Reality, you can take a trip to the moon and it would feel and look exactly like you just landed on the moon but in reality, you are just sitting a chair in a room experiencing all this. Unlike movie experience where you are stationed in one position looking at a big screen, Virtual Reality is much more different as you can move around and the computer world would be moving along with you.

The Virtual reality world is usually very large and the person viewing can see everything around him/her. One can even access very detailed areas around the world. Virtual reality looks so real and is very interactive. It gives the viewer an opportunity to move around the environment he/she is surrounded in. People can easily get carried away in a virtual reality world because it makes you think like you are in an actual real experience and you react or respond to the world you experience around you.

5 Types of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality app development has been of major concern these recent times as we have had various people setting up or establishing a VR app development company. There are different types of virtual reality technology and they include:

1. Non-immersive reality

This type can be seen in the virtual reality flight simulator. It has a widescreen PC with a surround system and comes with other accessories like headphones, joysticks etc. It is non–immersive reality because the viewer does not get fully immersed in the reality this device produces. It won’t give a viewer the experience of being back in time or even ignite the person’s senses but one would still get a virtual reality experience.

2 Fully immersive reality

One would experience full virtual experience because this type of virtual reality comes with a very powerful computer. This powerful computer must be able to detect sounds, sight, and even the slightest movement. It should be able to adjust the person’s experience. The viewer would have a head-mounted display (HMD) and would also put on sensory gloves. To achieve the fully immersed virtual reality, the device will make use of two monitors and a sound system.

3. Augmented reality

Here one is experiencing a real world in such a way that it feels like a virtual reality experience. One can’t define it as an unreal experience but an experience of the reality around us. For instance, when a person visits an historical site on the internet, there are 3D mappings that would show the person landmarks, buildings, historical locations and other relevant information. One can move around areas in the computer to see fascinating historical sites using a smartphone.

4. Collaborative

Collaborative reality is usually in the form of virtual reality games and they are not fully immersive. This virtual reality gives the viewer an interactive experience and so one can even share their experience with other people in the virtual world.

5. Web-based

Some Scientists have discovered ways to use virtual reality over the internet using the Virtual Reality Markup Language (VRML). This gives people an opportunity to discover new and interesting things the internet can offer. Also, people get to interact and have real experiences with their friends on social media.

Equipment Used for Virtual reality

When setting up a virtual reality one would need to connect sensors which will be used to monitor the person’s movements. The Virtual reality devices always come with two monitors, touch/body perceptions, and a sound system. Other hardware equipment used in virtual reality are:

  • Immersive rooms
  • Data Gloves
  • Head-mounted displays (HMDs)
  • Immersive rooms
  • Wands
  • Handheld virtual reality controller
  • How Virtual Reality Can Be Applied

Many people believe that virtual reality can only be useful for games and this is not true because there are other ways it can be used. Virtual reality is not just a fantasy world for entertainment but it has also been used by many professionals for information and research purposes. Engineers, Dentists, Doctors, Archaeologists and even the Military have used virtual reality for over thirty years.

Virtual reality technology has been used over time for training programs and even scientific presentations. Doctors even use it for surgical training and anatomy training programs. For instance, the medical field has the Da Vinci Surgical Rob, which is a surgical training that comes in virtual reality. Architects have a use for virtual reality when designing building models. 

How Will Virtual Reality Change Our Lives In The Future

There is going to be a dynamic change in people’s lives in the future as virtual reality has a lot to offer. With advancement in VR app development, we should expect the world to be able to share knowledge and information that would affect our lives. Using virtual reality, people would be able to receive education in remote areas and also share updated information and knowledge across different parts of the world. Students will be able to concentrate better as they would not have any distractions while learning from the virtual reality training program.

Surgeons would also perfect their skills by being able to practice on things which are not real humans and discover ways to improve medical science and technology. The virtual surgery training is usually carried out on VR interface that produces interactive modelled specimen suffering from different categories of ailments that require surgery so surgeons can perform better for the good of mankind.

Virtual reality will give people the experience of travel without people having to leave their homes. The future promises people a chance to go shopping, travel and even socialize without even leaving their homes. Also, virtual reality will make people experience comfort while working from their homes. With the VR app development, people can work from anywhere while connected to digital printers and they would even experience uninterrupted tasks.

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