There are issues in Android smartphones which are at times confusing for the consumer who is using it. I have listed below a set of basic problem which occurs on a general basis in smartphones which can be fixed as these are not that complex one just by applying simple methods. These tips will definitely help and will make your smartphone operating experience much better.  

Screen display protection

LCD screens value plenty if you've got to repair a broken one. Flip cases etc. can help, however, they still leave your screen vulnerable. There are a unit glass screen guards which will be fitted on prime of your screen, which give far better protection.

Basic problems fixing tips in android smartphone

The protecting glass can break before your digital display itself breaks, supplying you with one thing like an additional life just like you a get an extra life while playing a game.

Daylight visibility

The visibility level of your smartphone’s show can nearly always go down once you’re below direct daylight. There’s not abundant you'll be able to do concerning it, however, a matte end screen guard helps to some extent. It reduces the reflectiveness of the screen and offers slightly higher visibility at the time you are using your smartphones in daylight.

Increase battery life

Many smartphones don’t offer a long battery backup and while it has been a nuisance for some time, for maintaining a stable battery life one should keep his phones brightness at 50% or if you are comfortable you can reduce it to 20%. Don’t enable you’re GPS all the time enable it when it’s necessary. Following these steps will definitely help in hiking up your phone's battery slightly.

Battery charging problems

Sometimes a phone’s battery refuses to charge, even once it's connected to a correct association. If you are sure there is no in switchboard or a cable

The foremost common issue is that the metallic surface within the USB port isn't creating correct contact with the micro-USB charger. You would like a gentle hand for this one. Notice a strip or another sharp object. Then open up your device and take away the battery if you've got the choice. Next, use the strip to gently raise the metal block within the port.

Basic problems fixing tips in android smartphone

Next, the USB cable itself usually malfunctions as a result of its repeatedly coiled etc. Use a special cable with a similar adapter so as to confirm that your USB cable is functioning fine.

Typically there's dirt or different detritus within the charging slot. Use a strip to wipe it.

The mentioned have been tested earlier also and it’s found that 9 out 10 times has helped in fixing problems, like battery not charging, charging slowly or battery charging once not connected to power supply.

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