Install Visual SourceSafe in Server Machine

This Article provides an overview of Installation Visual SourceSafe in Server Machine.

Below I am giving you steps for install Visual SourceSafe in Server Machine.

Install VSS (Visual SourceSafe) in Server Machine.

1.  Make sure that your server computer meets all the server hardware and software requirements

2.  Few users on your team might need remote access to the database, for example, a user of the SourceSafe Internet plug-in in Visual Studio. To accommodate these users, you must install IIS on the server computer.

3.  If secure access will be required, you must also enable SSL.

4.  If you are upgrading an existing installation of Visual SourceSafe, back up existing databases and inform all users to exit the program.

5.  If you are prompted to convert a database to the new format, make sure that all users of the database can be upgraded to client software that will be compatible with the upgraded database.

6.  Put in the Visual SourceSafe CD in the server computer or a computer connected to the server.

7.  Double-click Setup.exe for execute the exe file of VSS (Visual SourceSafe), and follow the instructions in the Setup wizard.

8.  When you are prompted to select the installation type, click Default, or click Custom and select the items that you want to install.

9.  After completed successfully installation, if compulsory, you can add a new database or choose to use an existing one.

10.  Set up the databases for your team.

11.  Tell your users the location of installation procedures and the CD key for installation on client computers. You can reuse the same CD key for each user, but you are still required to have an individual license per user. For the client installation procedure.

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