How to Installing Visual SourceSafe in Client Machine

This Article provides an overview of How to Install Visual SourceSafe in Client Machine.

Following I am given you steps for install Visual SourceSafe in client PC

Install VSS (Visual SourceSafe) in client:

1.       Check with the database administrator to ensure that the Visual SourceSafe server and database(s) are installed and ready for operation.

2.       Confirm that your computer meets all the client h/w and s/w requirements.

3.       If you want to use Visual SourceSafe with the third-party program, for example, Visual Studio, ensure that the correct version of that program is installed on your computer.

4.        Put in the Visual SourceSafe CD in the CD-ROM drive of your computer.

5.       Double-click Setup.exe for execute the exe file of VSS (Visual SourceSafe), and follow the instructions in the Setup wizard.

6.       When prompted to select the installation type, click Custom, and select the items that you want to install.

7.       After completed successfully installation, you can log into Visual SourceSafe Explorer and use the database.

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