Still in dilemma in choosing over  digital marketing or traditional marketing ?Business firms which are in their initial stages are always in dilemma with deciding which type of selling will be suitable and which will work for them, as a result of their budget can solely stretch to at least one or the opposite, not both.

The choices that has to be created don't seem to be easy, that technique of marketing comes up with so many things. However do I do know if my marketing is working? WHO ought to I trust with my marketing? Ought to I have intercourse myself? There are lot more questions regarding it. The answers could surprise you.

To clarify the terms, the utilization of print ads on newspapers and magazines is perfect example of traditional marketing approach. Alternative examples embody flyers that square measure place in mailboxes, commercials each on TV and radio and billboards.

On the opposite hand, once a business invests on building an internet site, advertising the brand through totally different social media like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, this type strategy is named digital promoting.

Traditional marketing

Ancient marketing or Traditional marketing can be said as a broad class that comes with several variants of advertising and selling. It is one of the most recognizable types of selling, encompassing the advertisements that we have a tendency to see and listen to a day. Most ancient selling methods make up one in all four categories: print, broadcast, spam, and phone.

Print selling is that the oldest kind of ancient selling. Loosely outlined as advertising in paper type, this strategy has been in use since times of yore, once Egyptians created sales messages and wall posters on papyrus. Today, print selling typically refers to advertising house in newspapers, magazines, newsletters, and alternative written materials supposed for distribution.

Still in dilemma in choosing over  digital marketing or traditional marketing ?

Pros of traditional marketing

·         You can simply reach your target native audience. For instance, a radio ad would possibly play in one location: your town or region. Or mailbox flyers can head to households in a very choose variety of suburbs.

·         The materials is unbroken. The audience will have a tough copy of materials of that they will browse or flick through over and once again.

·         It's easy to know, and is simply understood by most of the people as a result of they're already exposed to the current quite strategy.

Digital marketing

It’s the trending business marketing practice right now and its done with the variant techniques which involves search engine optimization, social media, display advertising, pay per click advertising, content marketing etc.

The prime focus is to attract the audience through advertisements and other digital and visual sources. Social media is the biggest reason why digital marketing is tremendously successful as in previous articles I have mentioned that there are billions of people in the whole world spend hours on social media sites generally Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. The business gets prosperity when digital marketing is done appropriately over these platforms.

Pros of digital marketing

·         Digital marketing provides huge percentage of conversion rate for business firms, as people out there on web and social media actually gets influenced by the advertisement and make their mind to purchase a product or get a service.

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Still in dilemma in choosing over  digital marketing or traditional marketing ?

·         The business firms gets expansion through the promotion by this marketing practice and gets hike in an unaccepted figures.

·         A business gets exposure and gets excellent amount of reach to people, which is the basic moto of a digital marketing campaign.

·         Sometimes it’s pretty expensive when business uses celebs to in act for an advertisement as they charge handsome amount but it’s totally worth it as they have the capability to influence mob towards a product.

Combining traditional marketing with digital marketing

Combination of traditional marketing with digital marketing is the best strategy for marketing of your company, business firms or a product. Almost all the big firms follow this practice as you have seen around you that companies advertises their products In social media, television as well as in print media also which are generally newspapers and magazine.

By opting both digital and traditional formats a business can achieve a desired goal. As the primary motive of both the format is to reach large of population and exposure of a business which usually results in the benefit of a company.

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