The moving process itself can be a real hassle – I think we can all agree on that. It is a daunting process. You’ve got to decide what you can or will take from your old place, try to sell or get rid of the rest, find reasonably priced moving containers or trucks that will hold your stuff, figure out the best way to pack it all in there, make two, three, or four trips potentially, unpack it all, and it goes on and on ad nauseam. Also finding the best storage unit like storage units Panama City near your house is one of the challenges. However, the wise thing to remember is that’s all just leading up to the exciting part decorating the new place! For many of us though, this in itself can be a daunting task. Decorating is all about the individual(s) within a home, their style, and above all, comfort. That is why we’ve compiled these basic tips and ideas to help make the process easier and more personalized, without sacrificing style or comfort.

The Kitchen: A kitchen is often an essential social hub for your family and friends. It’s a great place to use certain motifs that keep the area both inviting and highly functional. In general, it is wise to avoid white in a kitchen, as it tends to promote a sterile feeling. Using eggshell, lavender, or yellow hues, helps make a small kitchen feel larger. If the size isn’t a concern, but comfort is, consider richer colors like eggplant, cinnamon, or pumpkin to make that big kitchen cozier.

The Bedroom: The bedroom should be treated as your private sanctuary a nice respite from the machinations of the daily grind. Keeping a bedroom personal, cozy, and void of any bills or other distractions is the best way to keep it romantic, relaxing, and a place of quiet reflection. Fabric is probably the biggest asset to creating a cozy, personalized bedroom. Silk, linen, and chenille are great for luxurious, soothing bedding, although less expensive fabrics like satin or high thread count cotton are great alternatives. Pillows and pillow top mattress covers are also hugely important factors in getting a good night’s sleep and keeping the bed extra comfy. Color options for the walls also have a large impact on the tone of the room. For a serene environment, consider colors like mocha and sage green; darker hues like royal blue, chocolate, or plum offer a more sensual elemental feel. Art, candles, and personalized photos or trinkets will also give your bedroom space a nice homey feel.

The Bathroom: Bathrooms are all about functionality. Similar to the kitchen, lighter colors are great to open the space of a smaller bathroom, while shades like rose or baby blue imbue feelings of peace and tranquility. Accessorizing with plush hand towels and scented candles is also a great way to incorporate design and functionality at the same time. Limiting clutter and the visibility of a beauty regimen or cleaning supplies is helpful in softening the feeling of a bathroom as well.

The Living Room: This can often be the biggest challenge for new homeowners. Designate a focal point – a piece of art, a bay window, a television, a fireplace, etc. This will help determine where and what type of seating will fit best in the area. If possible, it’s always nice to have an extra seating area for personal speculation and quiet time. This can be achieved with some simple pieces – an armchair and ottoman, side table, solid throw, and perhaps a nice soft lamp for reading. A nice muted tone is wise for a living room as it can easily accommodate any changes in décor that you may make in the future; with the living room being the main hub of the house, changes may be more frequent here than in other areas. Above all, designing your new home should be looked at as a personal endeavor. Keep it unique and suitable for you and your loved one’s personalities, and do not be afraid to stray from the current trends.

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