How to perform an ISO 9001 Audit in Oman of top management without fear

You are a junior internal auditor and the internal audit manager assigned you the responsibility to audit top management in your company. Are you afraid of the situation? Read this article to find out how to perform a top management audit as indicated by ISO 9001 Certification in Oman while doing what is expected from you, and how to leave a good impression on top management. Learn in this article it is very help full for you.

How to perform an ISO 9001 Audit in Oman of top management without fearUse ISO 9001 Certification in Nigeria as a basis to prepare and perform your audit

Internal auditors follow ISO 19011:2018 when preparing and performing an audit, and they utilize ISO 9001 Certification in Nigeria as the main reason for developing their checklist. Here are the topics you’ll have to include in your top management audit:

  • Management commitment;
  • Context and interested parties;
  • Risks and opportunities;
  • Customer focus;
  • Quality policy, targets, and activity plans;
  • Responsibility and authority;
  • Internal communication;
  • Product and / or service and procedure performance; and
  • Management review.

For example, you can start your audit through asking top management what they can tell you about the context of the company, and then evaluate their solution with all the internal and external factors that you know, through being part of the same business enterprise. Don’t simply make a theoretical and dry question about the context; frame the topic using examples relevant for the company.

When auditing objectives, performance, and management audit, check and pressure the importance of effectiveness. Where does top management need to lead the company? How will they know if they were success or not? what's going to they change in the way they do things to get there? What resources are wanted? Who is responsible for the change? Is there an activity plan? Who monitors execution and overall performance? Is there any evidence?

Use a language that top management understand and care about

do not forget, , you as an internal auditor, most possibly, know more about ISO 9001 than top management. If you start speaking in ISO language, perhaps you will lose top management’s attention during the audit due to a failure in communication. So, try to translate ISO 9001 Certification in South Africa requirements into plain English, and more, try to translate ISO 9001 requirements into plain English with a business bias.

Don’t talk about obsolete documents; communicate approximately the prices and loss of reputation that could happen because the company is using obsolete documents. Don’t speak about quality control non conformities; talk about money losses. For example, as soon as, when auditing a hotel, I invited the general manager to make the translation of range of blocked rooms per month into money lost due to having no rooms available. He was so amazed with the figure in euros that he jumped off the chair.

what if you find non conformities?

if in case you find non conformities, be polite and diplomatic when talking to them. Try not to surprise top management; instead, try to lead them to the conclusion themselves through comparing what you both find with the requirements of the management system. consider, you do not approach the audit of top management as trying to blame them directly, however to find eventual non conformities in processes together, as this is an internal audit and both sides are working to achieve the identical desires for the company.

Our Advice to go for it!!!

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