Commonly used WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugins

  To meet the rising demand for business growth we use different types of inventory management tools. WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugin helps you to fulfill the growing demands of your business. An inventory management system helps you in keeping the stocks records and business items so that you can fulfill all the growing demands of your business. It helps you to keep track of your assets and what is the net worth of your assets. 

But choosing a WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugin is a very difficult task as there are various types of inventory management Plugins available in the market so it becomes very difficult to choose the most suitable WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugin for your business.

We have discussed some commonly used inventory management Plugin in this article with their advanced featured. Let's discuss them one by one.

Commonly used Woocommerce inventory Management Plugins.

WooCommerce Stock Manager:

WooCommerce Stock Manager is a unique, popular and free inventory management plugin. It is a unique tool that allows you to manage stocks for products and their variables on one screen without having to go to each product screen. Apart from this, it gives you the power to efficiently manage products, customers, and orders.

With the help of this tool, you can manage stock, back order, stock position, sale price, regular price, weight and more for each product and variation. Each product in the Woocommerce Stock Manager can be filtered by Product ID, Product Name, and Default Sorting.

However, this tool also allows you to export all stock data from your store to a CSV file. With it, you can also edit the CSV file according to your needs and then import it back into your online store.


  • Stock report.
  • Multi-store operation.
  • Import / Export.
  • Fast & easy retail POS
  • Product filtering.

2. StorePep Mobile App

StorePeP is a useful tool when it comes to continuous store monitoring and management. In addition, this native Android app is a great companion for WooCommerce online store owners to maintain their store performance methods.

However, StorePep helps you identify areas of improvement on your site, and immediately applies the solution.

In addition, you can check product details and updates, stocks, details, and prices from the StorePeP Mobile app. Thus, real-time push notifications of this app will definitely help you stay on top of things

With this tool, you can access some sales reports that provide a lot of information on many aspects of your store, including inventory management. However, by using this tool, you can filter sales by different date range - today, tomorrow, last week, last month, current month or custom date of your choice.


  • Get Real-time shipping rates from multiple carriers on your phone.
  • Dashboard reports.
  • Monitor your WooCommerce store.
  • Generate 100s of labels in a few clicks.
  • Live tracking notification to your customers.

Smart Manager

Smart Manager is the best WordPress Support Inventory management plugin that provides speed, ease, and power of spreadsheets like Excel. This store is one of the unique and very popular WooCommerce inventory management tools. Smart Manager helps users manage eCommerce stores.

Smart Manager acts as a war trial for success, which also works with large stores. Power Pack - 263+ Pro Pro Add-on for Even More Easy Management.


  • Simple reports.
  • Inline edit.
  • Batch update
  • Snappier navigation.
  • Quick spreadsheet like browsing.
  • Automatic Calculations.

Atum Inventory Manager:

Atum is considered as the best free list management tool for WooCommerce. Apart from this, it gives you full control over WooCommerce stock. This is an advanced stock management tool for WooCommerce. With the help of this plugin, users can keep track of everything they have in stock.

Additionally, users can create purchase orders, set up locations and suppliers. This free tool helps you control all your products from one screen. It's all in one stage. In the meantime, to say, the ATM inventory management plugin will take care of all your business needs.


  •  It is Free of cost.
  • One page updating.
  • Quickly edit the product details.
  • Complete location for hierarchy tracking.
  • Export your full inventory into PDF or CSV.
  • Record any inventory movements.

Dear inventory

If you need to track the list of raw materials along with the finished goods, Dear inventory is a good option. Dear Inventory will allow you to control sales, inventory, and shipping on multi-channels.

DEAR is ideal for manufacturing companies with its manufacturing module, which helps you to track the cost of raw materials and labor in the production of finished goods.

 Like other inventory management systems such as Stitch, Trademarks, and OrderHive, DEAR is a strong inventory management product.

It allows businesses to plan a plan, and track each stage of purchase processes. This solution reminds the user to re-stock the stock in time to avoid the stock out situation. Since this software records the suppliers buying history with the product cost and informs the user after some analysis when to buy the next batch of products.


  • Refund and return.
  • Multiple payment methods
  • User control permissions.
  • Unlimited outlets and registers
  • Sale offline and sync orders when online.


In this article, we have provided all the necessary information related to WooCommerce inventory Management Plugins so that you can easily decide which inventory management you should use to meet the necessary needs of your growing business. We mentioned all the necessary details about different inventory plugin and also include their features so that it becomes easy for you to decide which inventory management Plugin you should use. If you have any queries and suggestions you can comment in the comment box.

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