Arlo App Now Available on Windows & MAC Platform

Arlo app embodiment phrase “It is better to be safe than sorry”. Technology has improved the in house industry security level. It has enhanced the level of protection for your loved ones and family at home. Arlo a most popular name in the home security industry. Arlo is known for developing the world's first best 100% wireless and weather resistance home security camera.

Arlo App Now Available on Windows & MAC Platform

If you are looking for some of the Arlo product then you can compare the features of every Arlo camera and choose as best suited Arlo camera pro or Arlo camera as per your needs. Arlo app is now available on both Windows & MAC platform.

Easy Steps to Avail Arlo App on Windows 10 & MAC OS

In order to get Arlo application on your either on MAC or Windows 10, 7, 8.1, or 8 OS platform. Firstly you need to download an Android emulator on your computer like ARChon, Bluestack, Bliss, Droid4X, etc. The Android emulator allows you to run and test the Arlo app on your MAC or Windows and even authorize you to perform Arlo pro login to check the camera status.

Firstly, download Bluestack, Bliss, etc. on your desktop or laptop.

Now, try to install the application in your desktop/laptop and once it gets installed. Log in into it with the help of your personal Gmail account or create a new Gmail account.

Set up your Bluestack, Bliss emulator software.

Here you will find a search icon in the top left corner of the screen.

Click on it and write Arlo and press the Enter key or search button.

Now search for the Arlo camera app in the search list and once you find the application tap on it

A new screen will pop up. Click on the Install button.

Once the setup is installed, you have successfully got the Arlo application on Windows or MAC OS platform.

How to Set Up Arlo Camera using Arlo App

Arlo cameras use its own central hub station called the base station, to set up and connect Arlo camera. These cameras use Z-wave for communication, rather than Wi-Fi or radio frequency. Arlo camera needs to connect with the base station to turn up the communication with the home's wireless network.

As we have already understood the method to download and install the Arlo app in the Desktop so its the time to set up the arlo cameras and to how to configure the camera with the help of Arlo camera login

Next, open up the Arlo camera application and tap on the “New to Arlo” button option.

On the next pop up screen, select the Arlo product for which you are setting up off. The application will automatically guide you to install the Arlo base station hub. To do this, firstly plug one end of the Ethernet cable into the base station and enter end into your existing router's ethernet port.

Plug in the power cord, and then tap on the ON-OFF button just next to the power connector at the back side of the hub.

Once you got the base station hub set up, click on the Continue button in the app.

Wait till the hub gets power up. The Arlo app will automatically look up for the hub present on your network.

When it is ready to use, just tap on the “Choose Timezone” in the application.

Select your time zone and hit on “Save” present in the top-right corner and then click on the back arrow present in the top-left corner of the screen. If you failed to create an account with the Arlo application you can just visit login to create an account.

Click on the Continue button to final configure the account settings.

If you still facing any kind of trouble regarding your Netgear Arlo pro cameras login or fails to download Arlo app. Feel free to share your queries with through our comment box. We are always delighted to help you out regarding Arlo cameras.

  Modified On Sep-07-2019 12:24:25 AM

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