Have you ever thought about giving life to the tires you have taken out of your cars or trucks? Do you know they can be a great playground equipment to play with? It can be a fun source for children of all ages and they hardly break down. Not only they are versatile, they are easy to use and a cheap source as well. So, why not make the most of them? Following are some of the ways of using used tires to develop a unique and fun playground.

1. Obstacle Course

Whether going for an army-style stepping course or arrange tires by painting them with different colors in a unique pattern, children love obstacle course. Position tires in a funky fashion and paint them with vibrant colors to give a fun look to your playground.

How to Make the Most of Used Tires in a Playground?

2. Tire Ladder

They might not be attractive to younger kids, but toddlers would love them especially when they want to climb a tree. Make the most of a swing and arrange tires on them and tie them up.

How to Make the Most of Used Tires in a Playground?

3. Swing

The simplest use of tires is to make a swing out of it, but there should always be a classic tire for this purpose. You can either go for a cowboy style or do it simply, its fine either way. Moreover, you can also try placing a hobby horse because kids love it too, especially girls. It takes some time and energy to create, but it’s a lovely idea to gain kids’ attention.

How to Make the Most of Used Tires in a Playground?

4. Teeter Totter

This is especially a toy for younger kids because it looks so cute. It is very easy to make so I advise you to have some in your playground. All you need to do is cut the tire from the center, place a board and put a pair of handles on top, and paint it with a vibrant color. You can design it any way you like; however, a laughing face is best made out of it. You just have to put something beneath the handles to give them the look of eyes and it will look like a laughing man.

For kids, you should use smaller tires so that a teeter totter could be created low. Kids love smaller ones more than larger ones.  

How to Make the Most of Used Tires in a Playground?

5. Jungle Gym

You can make an inexpensive jungle gym with tires. The ones you buy from stores might be heavy on your wallet. Pile the tires up and paint them to give the jungle a better look. It will be a much better option than the conventional modular playground equipment. You can use tires either of same or different sizes.

How to Make the Most of Used Tires in a Playground?

Arrange the tires to in a manner you want to set the climbing levels and fasten them together for safety and security. Believe me, kids will love the jungle gym made out of tires more than their expensive preschool playground equipment. They will enjoy all year around crawling the climber you have made for them without spending a huge amount.

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