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Where is the Future of Office space Design headed?

Where is the Future of Office space Design headed?

Claire Woodhall 2276 06-Jul-2019

City of London Office space design has come a long way from the dark wood panels and the crammed desks with no privacy. We have moved away from the age of cubicles. Whilst almost twenty years ago we would find the divided spaces in most offices, now recent office design trends have led to bigger, open plan office spaces which promote collaboration.

However, what will be next for office space interiors. Among the design experts, there is an abundant discussion about activity-based working spaces which blend enclosed areas and open plan on a task to task basis. These are intended to allow employees to work in an environment which is best suits their work. It is hard to say whether it will catch on or not but let’s analyse why the interior of office spaces play a significant role for the employees at large.

Open plan spaces versus the alternative spaces

Any office designs need to balance two things, the productivity of the employees and the fit for purpose. Research has shown that often employees do not feel they can work proficiently in an open plan office space, which shows that in a number of cases the modern working environment may have become too geared toward being an enjoyable space instead of workplace.

To tackle these interior designers have been trying to create agile office space so it matches the progressively diverse working styles, office spaces which have mixed types of rooms and spaces which are made for suiting all kinds of workers. This movement has started to gather momentum. Rather than offering an open space plan a lot of modern businesses are now making these spaces with purpose-built areas for work, relaxation and special tasks. There is also a rise in flexible working which allows employees to work from home or hot desk in different locations with the purpose of growing retention and productivity.

That is how optimising offices and how we use it is an essential part of the future. Developing with the advancement of communication and technology which is going to dictate how businesses deploy their workforce. It is safe to say that the future designers will have to work hard to make an office space which does everything that we need it to.

The motivations behind office interior design

 The interior design of an office space can undoubtedly leave a positive influence on the staff, either through boosting productivity or by increasing engagement, however, it isn’t just for the benefit of employees. Even though it plays a huge part and for a lot of smaller business, good office space is critical for attracting the best talent, the modern office space is designed depending on the way the working world operates. One of the most important ways this can play out is through how we communicate at work.

 If we think back to the early office space in city of London with clustered desks, the communication either took place through letters or in person. When we shifted to phones, private cubicles became the trend to provide employees with an area where they could make calls with a semblance of quiet. However, with the dominance of internet, we moved towards the open space plans where employees could communicate with each other whilst conducting conversations through emails and conducting meetings. Nowadays, office spaces are commonly built with a combination of in-person meetings areas and instant communication, leading towards the trend for open place space for offices which allows discussions and collaborations to take place simultaneously.

Office spaces of the future :

While it is hard to exactly predict the future of office space deigns. We can analyse the modern offices of today and draw some parallels for the likely future office trends. Open place spaces are going to stay. The advantages of these are obvious as it covers everything from the improved natural light to the adaptability that we would have to change the working habit extremely for this style to go away soon.

 But, office space interiors are probably going to transform in the coming decade. Looking at Serviced Offices in City of London like the Broadwick street office in Soho, which has a purpose-built podcast studio, breakout areas, and library. It is a blend of workplace, relaxation and focuses space that a lot of designers are moving towards.

Common growing trends in office design include:

• Tech in focus

This trend is not limited to the technological businesses, this renewed focus on the upscaling of office space technology will probably continue as new opportunities for communication develop. This past decade has been all about revolutionising the way we talk to one another at the workplace, the Virtual meetings and augmented reality just makes their way to the forefront.

• Focus on sustainability

The office space of the future will place important on the sustainability in design. Younger staff already value businesses which tackle the green issues, it is a trend which is going to continue as they grow up in the workplace and start to make bigger decisions. Further, as it becomes more significant for the environment at large, companies will make a shift towards sustainable office spaces to make sure they keep up with the current trends.

• Windows for walls

It is a well-known fact that productivity will go down when employees do not have access to window spaces. It is very important for people in workspaces to have exposure to natural light and the future office designs are probably going to focus on bringing this to the forefront. Whether it is bigger windows or making a greenhouse style or just moving part of the office outside, this is a feature of office space interior which is here to stay.

• Customisable office space

We have looked at the possibility of agile office spaces. This is probably going to continue and may even earn more popularity as the years go on. From the modular furniture to the creative walls, purpose-built spaces and extensions, the flexibility will always be a significant aspect of the increasing requirement for a practical office space design.

Soon with the design changes market of offices to rent city of London will become more popular and exquisite.

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