Netgear Software Update with

Netgear Software Update with

Keep your Netgear firmware update will help you to enhance the performance and delivers your network a kind of protection against the various security threats. You can easily update your Netgear firmware either through visiting www-mywifiext-net web page or through an automated process.

The Netgear firmware update automated process uses Netgear Genie Setup for searching the most reliable and compatible Netgear firmware update for your range extender. With www-mywifiext-net you can better control your Netgear extender, thus it is for those individuals who are looking for some kind of specific or particular Netgear Router firmware version.

Netgear Firmware Automated Upgrade Procedure

1. Launch any of your latest update web browser from your computer or laptop that is connected to your Netgear extender's network.

2. Try to log in to the Netgear Extender Setup page. With the help of login credentials. Enter the default login username and password, to enter into the setup page.

3. If you do not know how to log in for Netgear Extender Setup, then follow these steps.

  • Launch a web browser from your laptop or computer.
  • Type in the address bar and hit Enter key.
  • Now mention the username and password to continue with Step 2.

4. Click on the Menu icon.

5. As you click on the Menu, the extender menu will display over the screen.

6. Access the firmware update page either by visiting Settings >>> Firmware Update or in some models, you will find the firmware update option in the Maintenance section >>> Firmware update.

7. Either tap on Check Online or Check option.

8. If any new firmware is currently available, then follow the on-screen prompts and instructions to update the Netgear firmware.

Follow for Netgear Firmware Updation

Firstly download the required Netgear firmware version from the Support website. In the search option, enter the exact model number of wifi range extender and tap on “Download” and after that tap on “Download Now” link present just next to the range extender firmware which if you are looking forward to downloading.

Open the new web browser window and visit the Netgear Genie Setup panel. This address will remain the same i.e. despite which Netgear wifi extender model you are using.

Login to the Netgear Genie Setup panel by using the login username and password. By default, the username and password for every Netgear wifi extender is same i.e. admin & password respectively. If you are a new user of Netgear wifi extender then you land to the Netgear Genie Interface page and if you are an old router, you will land to the Netgear Smart Wizard setup page.

Tap on the Advanced tab option and then, click on the Netgear Firmware update option present just under the admin heading over the left side of the display, if you are using the Netgear Genie Setup panel.

If you are using the Netgear Smart Wizard, tap on the extender update link which is available under the maintenance heading over the left side of your display screen.

Tap on the ‘Choose File’ option and search the downloaded file and then, double click on it.

Tap on the ‘Upload Button’ to upload the range extender's firmware and to begin the Netgear extender's software update process. Once the update has been successfully completed, the wifi range extender will automatically be rebooted.

Follow all the given on-screen steps for the successfully Netgear extender firmware setup. Once it has done. Just unplug your Netgear extender and plug it back after 2 to 3 minutes and leave it for 5 to 10 minutes for better synchronization.

If you find any difficulty while updating the Netgear firmware, feel free to drop your concern in the comment box. We are always here to provide you with the best resolution for Netgear Extender Setup and quick methods to sort out your every Netgear extender problem.

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