What is Image optimization and why is it important?

Image optimization is about reducing the size of the image without compromising on the quality. When the web page, solely relies on images, image optimization becomes essential. This stands true with hotels, event management companies, photography and many more. Website builders like WordPress also offers image optimizer that help you format the image as per the size which will help expand the site to certain degrees.

What is Image optimization and why is it important?

Image optimization does not only help in SEO but is vital for other reasons as well.

Image optimization for image searches

When an image is been formatted and put up on the website respective of the content, the same image opens up on Google as well. This increases the number of visitors and helps built the brand image. If one fails to create original and easy-to-go viral content, the company would fail to yield the required result. When the image is optimized, visitors would spend time over it and generate huge traffic.

For websites that rely on images, need image optimization. For example, step by step exercises, DIY products, makeup techniques and many more, rely on content backed by images. In order to explain well, websites need to produce excellent quality images to make the visitor understand the concept well. Such images need to be optimized to make the page perceivable and interesting.

Images on digital media platform is a common sight to see. Facebook, Instagram and even Twitter to some extent rely on images. This explains the plain content even better making the page presentable and attractive. According to a survey, tweets with images get 150% more retweets. Solely relying on images isn’t the right thing either, optimizing the site is equally is essential.

Google search :

What is Image optimization and why is it important?

By optimizing the images, Google will rank the image higher than other images. Thus, on the search results, optimized images will receive higher ranking which leads to huge traffic. Products and services that highly depend on images need image optimization that further helps in SEO. 

Reduce site time loading :

Another important reason for image optimization in website loading is that search engines like Google, rank the websites based on their content quality and site speed. If the images are well optimized, it will reduce the loading time of the web page and the website. This leaves a good impression over the viewers as the bounce rates shed down to minimal. SEO companies in Hyderabad mainly focus on optimizing the images as it operates faster which will also help them in ranking high in the search engines. Thus SEO companies optimize the image under 100 kb in order to keep the image resolution intact.

Number of clicks :

Social media like Instagram is only about images. The better the image the more the likes or clicks it gets. For someone like a food blogger or property agent, need to optimize the image to provide clarity over the images to its viewers. Without optimizing the image, people wouldn’t like the page which would bring down the number of clicks. Thus, by optimizing images the SEO will help increase the number of clicks.

Visual treat :

Image optimization brings in a treat to the eyes. Excellent quality images gives precise clarity on every minute item. This stands true for food bloggers or fashion bloggers who rely solely on images. Images attract the viewers bringing in positive user experience. This helps drive huge traffic to the page or the website. According to a study, it has been observed that posts with images get more attention than the posts without images.

A picture speaks a thousand words. This stands true for online properties. It brings in a digital presentation of the product or brand and the company as a whole. Though content is the main body of any website but images are equally effective that helps set the mood of the visitor. It helps you to announce without having you to explain explicitly.

Another way to optimize is to assign keywords in ALT tags with the images. Or even providing a title to the image will help in SEO. One could even check the alignment of images on the posts. All these and much more websites could do in order to optimize the images that would further help in SEO.

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