Redesigning is not always the solution. It might seem like a necessary option as an easy way out, but it rarely is. Here in this blog, we will be highlighting some aspects of why website designing is important. This can be a guide to all the entrepreneurs and designers out there. 

1)Find the issue, redesign later

Redesigning is similar to hugging. It feels good, but you will die if you do not keep your priorities straight. If you have a website that is 5 years old, you seriously need to think about redesigning your website. Furthermore, if the ROI(Return On Investment) of your website is low and the traffic on the website is also below average, than you really need to rethink about website design. 

2) Is the current website flexible enough?

This is one must-know feature of your website. If the website is not compatible with all the devices and the usability is not up to the mark, there is a fair chance that neither Google nor the users will give any thought to your website. As per John Smith, the COO of a web design agency in Auckland, “If the website is not likable on my mobile, I won’t buy it at all.” The thing with good web design is that it speeds up the purchase process. Users don’t need to think too much before buying anything. The usability of the website says it all. 

3) Your product just got an upgrade

Do you know the downfall of Kodak? Let me make it easy for you. It was not adapting the technology. The same goes for a good website design. If you have upgraded your product, you need to inform people about it. Either do it with a website redesign, or a campaign that focuses on redesigning process.

Change is good if it is followed by some stats and tested strategies. Do not adopt a technology if you haven’t seen anyone else doing it. If the competitors have upgraded their product, it is time for you to do the same with your product.

 4) Outsmart your competitors

There are times when you need an upgrade. The same principle applies in your website redesign. If you see your competitors going for something better, you can go for it too, but learn to do it better than your competitors. Find out strategies that your competitors are not doing, and figure out ways to do it in a better way.

5) Do what is right for you

Sure, you can change the color of your website because your customer said so, or you can add a certain feature because your competitor has it too. But what if the competitor has a certain strategy for that change? What you need to do, is to do what is working for you. Do what you think is important for your brand and go do that. 

6)To conclude it all

Be prepared for everything. Whenever you feel like redesigning your website, keep in mind to list down points why you want to redesign your website on the first place. If you cannot find enough reasons for that, there is no need to redesign the website. If you have a mistake in the previous design, you can go over that mistake in the next design. But whatever the result may be, make sure to go for a solid redesign process, one that gives you a proper ROI for your efforts.

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